Texas Women - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E8 Sin City Sweethearts Everyone is wondering will Hannah and Brooke come to blows or bury the hatchet. 06/01/2012
E7 Vegas Can't Handle Texas Cicily organizes a trip for all the girls; Hannah and Anna work on their own roommate problems. 05/25/2012
E6 Dog Days Anna and Hannah reach a breaking point; Ali Dee plans a trip to Nashville. 05/18/2012
E5 Bulls, Boys & Toys Ali gets a job interviewing bull-riders at the CBR; Hannah models for a competing tee shirt line. 05/05/2012
E3 Judgment Day Anna tries to party like one of the guys; Brooke asks Jason to change to meet her needs. 04/28/2012
E2 Looking for Love Brooke 's twin sister comes into town; Hannah wants to date one of the guys from her birthday party. 04/21/2012
E2 Take The Bull By The Horns Anna can't afford to feed her bucking bulls; Hanna brings home some studs for the after party. 04/14/2012
E1 Getting' Rowdy! Ali Dee gets the girls together for a rowdy birthday bash; Brooke is fed up with Jason's snoring. 03/31/2012
E1 No Title For this Episode 04/07/2012