That Girl - Episode Guide for Season 5

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E24 The Elevated Woman Ann persuades Don to go to a women's lib meeting. 03/19/1971
E23 Soot Yourself Pollution protestor Ann pickets Don's building. 03/12/1971
E22 Two for the Money Ann loses a winning horse-race ticket. 03/05/1971
E21 Stag Party A friend throws Don a stag party. 02/26/1971
E20 That King A king invites Ann to a state dinner. 02/19/1971
E19 Chef's Night Out Flu leaves Ann and Don in charge of Lou's restaurant. 02/12/1971
E18 That Shoplifter Ann is an unwitting accomplice to shoplifting. 02/05/1971
E17 The Russians Are Staying A defecting Soviet comic throws himself at Ann. 01/29/1971
E16 A Limited Engagement Don breaks his engagement with Ann. 01/15/1971
E15 Those Friars Milton Berle and Danny Thomas want to buy Ann's old trunk. 01/08/1971
E14 That Script Ann reminds a writer of his late wife. 01/01/1971
E13 An Uncle Herbert for All Seasons Ann's visiting uncle wreaks havoc. 12/18/1970
E12 That Senorita Ann learns her new part is insulting to minorities. 12/11/1970
E11 Super Reporter An office prank leaves Don with no street clothes. 12/04/1970
E10 Stop the Presses, I Want to Get Off Two sly publishers hire Ann as a writer. 11/27/1970
E9 That Girl's Daddy Ann must protect Lou from another woman. 11/20/1970
E8 That Cake Ann loses her engagement ring. 11/13/1970
E7 There Sure Are a Bunch of Cards in St. Louis Ann deals with acting and meeting Don's parents. 11/06/1970
E6 There Sure Are a Bunch of Cards in St. Louis Ann meets Don's parents in St. Louis. 10/30/1970
E5 Rattle of a Single Girl Don and Ann go to a pre-marital counselor. 10/23/1970
E4 No Man's a Manhattan Island Ann learns surprising facts about her neighbors. 10/16/1970
E3 I Ain't Got Nobody Ann's picture appears as a centerfold pinup. 10/09/1970
E2 Don, Sandy, Harry & Snoopie Don's sister and her boyfriend visit. 10/02/1970
E1 Counter-Proposal Don finally proposes to Ann. 09/25/1970