The Adrenaline Project - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E24 The Adrenaline Project Finals The wrestler or the football player walks away with the grand prize. 04/26/2009
E23 Second Semi-Final The second round of past-winners return. 04/14/2009
E22 Scouts An alliance between scouts may decide who moves on to the semi-finals at Boomer's base camp. 03/31/2009
E21 Battleball Regatta An over aggressive wrestler leaves his mark. 03/24/2009
E20 Models Six models must rough it at base camp. 03/17/2009
E19 Cheerleaders The rival between cheerleading squads. 03/10/2009
E18 Human Pendulum Dominating the first challenge. 03/03/2009
E17 Around the Horn Poor teamwork means the end of the line for two of Boomer's competitors. 02/24/2009
E16 Locked, Loaded and Loose The contestants must overcome a stomach churning challenge to move on. 02/17/2009
E15 All in the Family Siblings and cousins compete together and against each other. 02/10/2009
E14 Cannon Ball 02/03/2009
E13 Up, Up and Away The competition heats up when it turns into a battle of the sexes. 02/02/2009
E12 Keys To Your Future The competition moves to boats, dirt and being locked up. 01/25/2009
E11 X-Sports Extreme athletes fight it out at base camp. 01/04/2009
E10 Twins Three sets of twins find out if they compete better together or head to head. 01/04/2009
E9 Semi-Finals 01/01/2009
E8 Karate Kids Six competitors arrive at Boomer's base camp. 12/30/2008
E7 The Ultimate Adrenalizer Down to the last two, the skier vs. the hockey player. 11/29/2008
E6 Beauty Queens 11/19/2008
E5 Drop the Rope 11/18/2008
E4 Air Cadets 11/17/2008
E3 Breaking Away 11/15/2008
E2 Bridge It 11/13/2008
E1 Houdini 11/12/2008