The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E27 High Treason Posse seeks Brisco and Bowler, convicted of high treason. 05/20/1994
E26 High Treason The duo seek a newspaper mogul's kidnapped daughter. 05/13/1994
E25 Bad Luck Betty An accident-prone deputy helps the duo save Socrates from a vengeful ghost. 04/29/1994
E24 And Baby Makes Three Martial-arts experts threaten the infant heir to the Chinese throne. 04/22/1994
E23 Wild Card A family of mobsters tries to take over Dixie's sister's Reno nightclub. 04/08/1994
E22 Stagecoach Brisco escorts an attractive spy to the Mexican border. 04/01/1994
E21 Ned Zed Brisco (Bruce Campbell) tracks a robber targeting a new bank and reunites with an old flame. 03/11/1994
E20 Bye Bly Bly and Brisco have final showdown; orb mystery solved. 02/18/1994
E19 The Brooklyn Dodgers Brisco and Bowler escort two orphans to their inheritance. 02/11/1994
E18 Hard Rock Bowler's ex-flame battles hoods trying to take over city. 02/04/1994
E17 Fountain of Youth A magical orb holds the secret of eternal youth. 01/14/1994
E16 Bounty Hunters Convention Brisco, Bowler and Socrates attend bounty-hunter convention. 01/07/1994
E15 AKA Kansas A gang led by Dixie's ex-husband (Christopher Rich) plots to steal the orb. 12/17/1993
E14 Mail Order Brides Brothers stealing mail-order brides' dowries target a $1 million bull; guests Mark & Brian. 12/10/1993
E13 Steel Horses Gang steals rare motorcycles to pursue the magical orb. 11/19/1993
E12 Crystal Hawks A tenacious bounty hunter (Sheena Easton) tracks Brisco (Bruce Campbell) for the murder of a banker. 11/12/1993
E11 Deep in the Heart of Dixie Brisco and Bowler try to get Dixie to testify against general. 11/05/1993
E10 Showdown Sweetheart seeks Brisco's help in thwarting cattle baron. 10/29/1993
E9 Brisco for the Defense Brisco (Bruce Campbell) defends a friend accused of murder. 10/22/1993
E8 Senior Spirit John Bly (Billy Drago) kidnaps a boy, demanding a piece of the orb as ransom. 10/15/1993
E7 Pirates Brisco and Bowler (Bruce Campbell, Julius Carry) pursue Blackbeard (Andrew Divoff) and his pirates. 10/08/1993
E6 Riverboat Brisco tries to win back cash Socrates lost gambling. 10/01/1993
E5 Socrates' Sister Socrates' lawyer sister (Judith Hoag) gets a criminal (William Russ) released from jail. 09/24/1993
E4 Brisco in Jalisco A Civil War general masterminds the heist of a trainload of guns in Texas. 09/17/1993
E3 No Man's Land Brisco and a professor (Bruce Campbell, John Astin) encounter a town exclusively for women. 09/10/1993
E2 Ace in the Hole Brisco saves the life of a professor who possesses a mystical orb. 09/03/1993
E1 Pilot Five robber barons hire Harvard-educated Brisco County Jr. to catch the West's most notorious. 08/27/1993