The Adventures of Pete and Pete - Episode Guide for Season 3

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 Saturday Little Pete shows a typical day in suburbia. 12/28/1996
E12 Das Bus Pete gets an internship with his pal Stu Benedict, the bus driver. 12/21/1996
E11 O Christmas Pete, O Christmas Pete Little Pete and friends save their Christmas trees from the hands of the garbage man. 12/14/1996
E10 Pinned Wrestler Pete must face his archenemy in competition. 12/07/1996
E9 Road Warrior Pete gets ready to hit the road when he takes a driver's education class. 11/30/1996
E8 All Nighter Little Pete, Wayne and Monica find themselves locked inside the school for a night of adventure. 11/23/1996
E7 Last Laugh It is April Fools' Day and Little Pete has some devious plans for the school presentation. 04/01/1996
E6 Crisis in the Love Zone Little Pete falls for mail carrier Eunice Pule when spring fever hits Wellsville. 03/23/1996
E5 Dance Fever Little Pete's one true fear is revealed when his first school dance rolls around. 11/05/1995
E4 Splashdown Pete gets a job as a lifeguard. 10/22/1995
E3 The Good, the Bad & the Lucky Little Pete loses his courage when his lucky, two-headed penny loses its special power. 10/15/1995
E2 The Trouble With Teddy Big Pete's friend stays at his house; Little Pete sleeps outside. 10/08/1995
E1 35 Hours An eccentric housewife and her family take over the Petes' house while the Wrigley parents are away. 10/01/1995