The Bob Newhart Show - Episode Guide for Season 6

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E22 Happy Trails to You Bob gives up his practice in Chicago to become a professor at a small college in Oregon. 04/01/1978
E21 Crisis in Education Emily is forced to handle threats from angry parents in an educational crisis at her school. 03/11/1978
E20 Carol Ankles for Indie-Prod On the eve of being named "Secretary of the Year," Carol informs Bob that she is quitting. 03/04/1978
E19 It Didn't Happen One Night Bob's friends close ranks to "protect" Emily from a handsome old flame. 02/18/1978
E18 Easy for You to Say Ralph Alfalfa, the Happy Farmer, comes to Bob for help with his stuttering. 02/11/1978
E17 Emily Carlin, Emily Carlin Against her better judgment, Emily becomes a "wife for a night.". 02/04/1978
E16 Group on a Hot Tin Roof Bob advises a patient (Howard Hesseman) to write a play based on his own experiences. 01/28/1978
E15 Son of Ex-Con Job Bob attempts to help a group of ex-convicts with their search for honest employment. 01/21/1978
E14 Grizzly Emily Emily finds herself doing all the cooking and cleaning when Bob's father arranges a fishing trip. 01/14/1978
E13 Freudian Ship Bob can't resist the psychologist in him even when the Hartleys embark on a seagoing vacation. 01/07/1978
E12 'Twas the Pie Before Christmas Bob finds himself with unhappy and hostile patients who refuse to attend his Christmas party. 12/24/1977
E11 Grand Delusion Bob and Emily celebrate their 10th anniversary by fantasizing about being married to others. 12/17/1977
E10 A Girl in Her Twenties Emily's protective instincts are aroused by an odd but friendly 70-year-old recluse. 12/03/1977
E9 Shallow Throat Bob assumes the burden of a crime that he can't report when a patient confesses to grand larceny. 11/26/1977
E8 You're Fired, Mr. Chips A former professor (Ralph Bellamy) offers to take over Bob's patients while Bob is out of town. 11/19/1977
E7 My Son, the Comedian It's no laughing matter for Howard when his son announces he's giving up school to become a comic. 11/12/1977
E6 A Day in the Life Bob's patients panic at the thought of Bob "deserting" them to visit his friend "The Peeper.". 10/29/1977
E5 Carlin's New Suit Bob deals with an improbable paternity case and a phone-paging service that never pages him. 10/22/1977
E4 Who Was That Masked Man? Bob is puzzled when Mr. Peterson (John Fiedler) asserts himself with far-reaching consequences. 10/15/1977
E3 A Jackie Story A ventriloquist seeks Bob's help when his dummy threatens to break up their act. 10/08/1977
E2 Ex-Con Job Bob's attempt to help men leaving prison to re-enter society has him climbing the walls. 10/01/1977
E1 Bob's Change of Life Bob sees his well-ordered life turned topsy-turvy when he and Emily move to a new Chicago residence. 09/24/1977