The Countdown - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E33 It's Not You, It's Me A look at break-ups in the movies; how Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn handle their break-up. 01/12/2013
E32 Home for the Holidays A celebration of the holidays with classic Christmas films and characters; Jim Carrey. 12/20/2012
E31 Gotta Dance! A countdown of movies that let you get loose and have fun as you dance like no one's watching. 12/13/2012
E30 Best Westerns A countdown of the best westerns; Paul Newman and Robert Redford join forces as outlaws. 12/06/2012
E29 James Bond Movies The best of Bond movies including Sean Connery proving how you only live twice; Roger Moore. 11/08/2012
E28 Movie Presidents The best movie Presidents including Michael Douglas on how the President can be a bachelor. 11/02/2012
E27 Screen Queens The top evil queens in movies; Helena Bonham Carter as the Queen of Hearts. 10/12/2012
E26 Dudes From The Dark Ages A countdown of the best medieval movies; Kenneth Branagh; Heath Ledger. 10/05/2012
E25 Dude Looks Like A Lady It's all about role reversal as some favorite actors go from dudes to ladies. 11/30/2012
E24 Alien Invasion The best alien invasion movies; Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix deal with signs of alien life. 09/28/2012
E23 She Works Hard for the Money Businesswomen taking charge on the big screen; Jane Fonda and Dolly Parton work a full day's shift. 09/21/2012
E22 Back to School College-themed movies; Will Ferrell; Vince Vaughn; Luke Wilson; Lawrence Fishburn. 08/31/2012
E21 Hungry for More Movies that center around food; Catherine Zeta-Jones; Keri Russell; Julia Roberts; Johnny Depp. 08/24/2012
E20 Clint Eastwood A countdown of the best Clint Eastwood films shows the actor as: a gunslinger, a disc jockey. 08/09/2012
E19 Olympic Movies Movies that pay homage to the 2012 Summer Olympics; Will Ferrell, Jared Leto and Kurt Russell. 07/20/2012
E18 Order In the Court Memorable performances of actors laying down the law; Jim Carrey, Reese Witherspoon and Tom Hanks. 07/13/2012
E17 Opening Scenes Memorable opening scenes from movies including John Travolta strutting in New York City. 07/07/2012
E16 Bromance Male best friends in movies; Will Smith and Martin Lawrence; Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. 06/29/2012
E15 Spy Games Featured film spy games; an entourage including Morgan Freeman and Bruce Willis. 06/15/2012
E14 Warriors Memorable warriors in movies; Tom Cruise as a samurai; Russell Crowe as a fighting gladiator. 06/08/2012
E13 Mob Beat Downs Mob beatdowns in the movies; "The Godfather"; "Casino"; "The Departed"; "Donnie Brasco." 05/26/2012
E12 Tough Chicks A look at the butt-kicking, beautiful women in movies from Charlie's Angels to T2's Sarah Connor. 05/19/2012
E10 Life's Most Embarrassing Moments Humiliating, uncomfortable movie scenes; the hair-gel scene in "There's Something About Mary." 05/12/2012
E9 Supervillains A look at the top super villains in movies and the way they make our super heroes even more heroic. 04/22/2012
E8 Torture Scenes Counting down the most intense torture scenes in movies. Featuring scenes from "Syriana." 04/21/2012
E7 Disaster Movies Counting down disaster movies. Titles include "Dante's Peak," and "Volcano". 04/14/2012
E6 Adrenaline Junkies An escape from reality as the the most intense adrenaline movies are counted down. 03/31/2012
E5 Steven Seagal Movies Movies starring Steven Seagal who is well-known for being a martial arts master and an action star. 03/24/2012
E4 In The Ring A look at the greatest boxing and fight movies in history. 03/17/2012
E3 Car Chases The top pedal-to-metal chase scenes from movies like "Casino Royale" and "The Dark Knight." 03/03/2012
E2 Shoulda Won Best Picture A countdown of the top ten movies that should have won the Best Picture Oscar but didn't. 02/25/2012
E1 Kick-Ass Fight Scenes A countdown of notable movie fight scenes from "The Matrix" to "Kill Bill" and many more. 02/18/2012