The Doctors - Episode Guide for Season 6

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E138 Extremely Odd Cravings; Skin Feels Like Glass; Sudden Loss of Taste and Smell; Surprising Reasons for Your Digestive Disorders Texting; male breast cancer; a mysterious skin problem; inflammatory bowel diseases; cravings. 04/18/2014
E137 Extreme Weight Loss Makeovers; Treating Embarrassing Health Conditions; Celebrity Health Scares: Could They Happen to You? Weight loss; diagnosing bumps below the belt; hemophilia; Alex Borstein; celebrity health scares. 04/17/2014
E136 Linda Blair's Health Scare; Bullied Teen Turns to Plastic Surgery; Gastric Balloon Pill; Off-Hour Hospital Dangers; Dogs in the O.R. A teen has cosmetic surgery in hope of stopping bullying; actress Linda Blair; umbilical hernias. 04/16/2014
E135 Fake Online Gynecologist Busted; Ultimate Vending Machine Meltdown; Living With Extreme Facial Pain Facial pain; Joey helps children meet their medical needs; tattoos; saving money on health care. 04/15/2014
E134 Robin McGraw Revelation; Real-Life Rapunzel; Extreme Selfie Addictions; Shocking Food Investigation; Troy Dunn on Building Your Best Family Skin care; strategies for better family dynamics; harmful ingredients in pizza; saving money. 04/14/2014
E133 Breaking Health Headlines; The Doctor's Diet: Weight Loss Success Stories; Jeff Lewis on Living With OCPD Weight loss; Jeff Lewis ("Flipping Out") discusses obsessive-compulsive personality disorder. 04/11/2014
E132 Birth Defects Controversy; Surprisingly Nutritious Produce Parts; At-Home Tip for Healthy Hair; Pets and Compatibility A mysterious surge in severe birth defects in rural Washington; healthy produce parts. 04/10/2014
E131 Jane Fonda on Educating and Empowering Teens; Dads Banned From Delivery Room? Controversial Cancer Awareness Campaign Jane Fonda; nail-biting leads to a man's fatal heart-attack; what to know before undergoing surgery. 04/09/2014
E130 Violent Sleep Disorder; Dream Wars: Men vs. Women; Medical Confessional: Bedtime Bloat; Sleep-Inducing Sound Therapy: Insomnia Triggers Dreams and gender; a sleep disorder; bloat; insomnia; melatonin; foods that may induce sleep. 04/08/2014
E129 Drs. Exclusive: 200 Lb. Pre-Teen's Medical Crisis; Tim Gunn's Health Secrets; Phantom Pregnancy; Silver Supplement Dangers Tim Gunn discusses obsessive-compulsive disorder; a 12-year-old undergoes weight-loss surgery; PMS. 04/07/2014
E128 Exploding Drug Danger; Eye-Popping Beauty Trend; Family With 30 Pet Snakes; Baby Selfies App; Treating Hormonal Imbalances Marijuana; headaches; a device that melts fat without touching the body. 03/31/2014
E127 Wardrobe Choices Dictate Health? Health Hazards Lurking in Your Purse; Fat-Fighting Foods; Unexpected Benefits of the Doctor's Diet Lawrence Zarian; Dr. Travis Stork's diet; a romance novel could enhance one's health. 03/25/2014
E126 Woman Wants to Turn Into a Doll: Hypnotherapy to Become Brainless; Gruesome X-Rays on Social Media; Real Housewife Yolanda Foster A woman tries to become a living Barbie doll; a life-changing smile makeover; Yolanda H. Foster. 03/24/2014
E125 Drs Exclusive: Surgery for Woman Without a Birth Canal; Shocking Danger Lurking in Backyard; Pet Kills Child; Restaurant Glove Law Backlash A woman undergoes life-changing surgery; questions all cancer patients must ask their doctors. 03/17/2014
E124 Breaking Medical News; Treating Severe Eczema; Funeral Selfies Trend; Spray Away Nasal Allergy Symptoms Health mistakes; foods that may minimize Monday morning stress; eczema; health headlines. 03/14/2014
E123 Celebrity Health Scares; Restaurant Rat Maps: Are You Dining With Rodents? Spanking Law Controversy; Controlled Heroin Dosing Spanking; weaning opiate addiction; Countess Vaughn discusses the dangers of wigs; ADHD. 03/13/2014
E122 Dangerous Bacteria Lurking in Tanning Salons? Extreme Body Lift; Dangerous New Drug Trend; Truth or Scare: New Pig Virus Harmful to Humans? Flesh-eating bacteria; a viral outbreak on pig farms; a dangerous new party-drug cocktail. 03/12/2014
E121 Surprising Nightmare Triggers; Extreme Pelvic Pain; Why Are You So Forgetful? Unsightly Leg Makeover Revealed Car sickness; causes of nightmares; temporary amnesia; a former ballerina's leg lump. 03/11/2014
E120 Dying to Be Thin: Anorexia Intervention; Period Causes Collapsed Lung; Unexplained Hair Loss; Real Housewife Lisa Vanderpump Former Miss America Kirsten Haglund; Lisa Vanderpump ("The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"). 03/10/2014
E119 Breaking Health News; Nose Job Nightmare; Triplet Makeover; Shiver Yourself Skinny? One man's bad experience with plastic surgery; lowering the thermostat may help with weight loss. 03/07/2014
E118 Hot Health Headlines: Cancer Campaign Controversy; Crack Pipe Vending Machines; Airplane Assaults; Plastic Surgery Fraud A cancer awareness campaign; initiative to prevent the spread of blood-borne diseases. 03/06/2014
E117 Chronic Vomiting; Is Your Coffee Intake at Toxic Levels?; The Ick Factor: Gross Health Problems Revealed; Healthy Foods That May Harm The potential dangers of too much caffeine; a rare disorder causes a woman to vomit every day. 03/05/2014
E116 Exclusive: Kristin Chenoweth Reveals Health Secret; Caffeine Lands Man in ER; 3 Surprising Reasons You're Constipated; Foods That Treat High Singer Kristin Chenoweth talks about her health; a Girl Scout scores big selling cookies. 03/04/2014
E115 31 Unexpected Health Secrets for March; Health Danger Lurking in Faucets; Shocking Health Confessionals; Surprising Risk for Deadly Clots Health tips for every day in March; protection from blood clots; fruit that may be toxic. 03/03/2014
E114 Breaking Health News; Pregnancy-Induced Stroke; Doctors' Health Scare Experiment; Heart Attack Warning Signs A new mom has a stroke; a teen smoker undergoes a lung-disease simulation; heart disease. 02/28/2014
E113 Dangerous Health Trends on the Rise: Why You Should Be Worried! When Extreme Medical Conditions Strike Your Family A child born with a severe facial cleft needs corrective surgeries; dangerous new teen trends. 02/27/2014
E112 Attempted Murder by Feces; How Immortality May Be a Possibility; Extreme Home Cures Debunked; Fever Reducers Spreading the Flu? Bizarre health headlines; kidney donation; building muscle mass; shingles; fever-reducing drugs. 02/26/2014
E111 Hush-Hush Health Problems: Unexplained Skin Infection on Breasts; Dr. Travis Reveals Very Intimate Secret; Mastectomy Scar Tattoos Yeast infection under the breasts; a skateboarding accident leaves a man with an extreme injury. 02/25/2014
E110 A Doctors' Health Scare Experiment; Entire Family's Drastic Weight Loss Measures; Secret Tricks to Disguise Your Flu Face Excessive UV exposure; gastric surgery to lose weight; cosmetic surgery. 02/24/2014
E109 Breaking Health News; Laser Away All of Your Ailments: Zap Away Unwanted Hair; Smooth Your Scars Away; Combat Kidney Stones in Seconds Breaking medical headlines; scars; kidney stones; unwanted body hair; whitening teeth. 02/21/2014
E108 Extreme & Embarrassing Health Confessions Revealed; Cosmetic Infidelity: Secret Anti-Aging Treatments; Foods That Fight Flatulence Guests divulge their deepest, darkest medical secrets; foods for fighting flatulence. 02/20/2014
E107 Health Scare Experiment; Man With No Butt Crack; Ask Dr. Rachael; Which Is Worse? A self-proclaimed "food addict" gets an ominous glimpse into her potential future. 02/19/2014
E106 Did Anesthesia Cause Suicide? Erase Your Varicose Veins; Tragedy Motivates Man's 300-Pound Weight Loss; Egg Donor Stripped of Fertility Weight loss; varicose veins; baby wipes; risks of anesthesia. 02/18/2014
E105 Psychotic Breakdown From Diet Pills? 12-Year-Old Unable to Control Weight Gain; New ADHD Controversy: Does It Really Exist? Root Canals A child becomes obese after brain surgery; a woman says diet pills caused a psychotic breakdown. 02/17/2014
E104 5 Secret Health Mistakes Damaging Your Relationship: Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger; Ask Our Docs: Romance Edition Five ways to fire up the love life and enhance health; Patti Stanger helps Dr. Jennifer Berman. 02/14/2014
E103 Body Fluids Exposed; Test to Predict Heart Attacks? Toxic Sweat Dangers; Infected Earwax? Mucus Overdrive Dilemmas? The 32 fluids in the human body; predicting a heart attack. 02/13/2014
E102 Woman Eats Away Illness? Fat-Free Foods You Should Never Eat; Warning Labels You Must See; Controversial Parenting Techniques Food fixes; a woman says dietary changes helped cure her chronic bowel disease; parenting. 02/12/2014
E101 Too Hot for TV 2: Hot Temper Can Trigger Stroke? Fire Ant Deaths; Surprising Reasons for Your Burning Throat; Flaming Feet Fixes Sore throats; scarlet fever; foot fungus; excessive anger could trigger a stroke; male grooming. 02/11/2014
E100 The Doctors' 2,500-Pound Weight Loss Makeovers! Couple Loses Weight to Save Relationship; Friends Are the New Diet Plan? Inspirational stories of 12 men and women who lost a total of 2,500 pounds. 02/10/2014
E99 Breaking Health Headlines; Mistakes Your Doctor Might Be Making; Health Clues Your Face Can Reveal; Secret Sauce for Better Sex What to know before getting tests and treatments; health clues a reflection can reveal. 02/07/2014
E98 The Doctor's Diet Challenge; Minute Makeovers; Ask Dr. Rachael; Which Is Worse? Supermarket Secrets; Bizarre in the E.R. Weight loss; a carpenter tells of accidentally shooting himself in the heart with a nail gun. 02/06/2014
E97 Must-See Body Transformations; 5 Healthy Foods Making You Fat; Woman Tweets Live At-Home Birth; Bizarre Beauty Trends; Worth a Try? Body transformations; foods may sabotage weight loss; mother tweets live during labor and delivery. 02/05/2014
E96 Housewife NeNe Leakes' Health Scare; The Doctors' Lose It for Love Boot Camp Finale; SWV's Health Secrets Revealed NeNe Leakes; Dan Marino and Marie Osmond reveal the Lose It for Love Boot Camp winners; Haylie Duff. 02/04/2014
E95 Bad Body Parts Every Woman Fears; Tips for a Tighter Tush; Beating Belly Bloat; Fix for Cleavage Wrinkles; Inject Away Oily Skin? Body issues about which women are self-conscious; sculpting a shapely booty. 02/03/2014
E94 Breaking Medical News; Gel Manicure Dangers; Teacher Fired for Facebook Faux Pas; Anti-Rape Underwear? Cosmetic Quick Fix Underwear designed to protect women against rape; a teacher is fired because of a risque photo. 01/31/2014
E93 Out-of-the-Box Health Remedies; Shocking Celebrity Beauty Treatments; Dr. Sears' Surprise Reunion; Doctor on Demand Remedies for wrinkles, age spots, bloating; enhancing the sex life; an app to chat with a physician. 01/30/2014
E92 Jaclyn Smith's Skin Secrets; Engaged Couple's Medical Scare; Drink Yourself Healthy; Bulletproof School Supplies? Actress Jaclyn Smith; ruptured brain aneurysm; bulletproof school supplies. 01/29/2014
E91 Total Body Lift; Foods That Improve Digestion and Reduce Belly Fat; Urine Therapy? Living With an Ostomy Bag Embarrassing bodily functions; foods to improve digestive health; a big body transformation. 01/28/2014
E90 Clint Black's Family Tragedy; No-Knife Tummy Tuck; Skinny Kitchen Secrets; Plastic Surgery Obsession; Ask Our Docs: Cristina Ferrare Singer Clint Black; melting fat using thermal energy; simple ways to cut calories. 01/27/2014
E89 Breaking Medical News; Health Clues Your Hair Reveals; Hidden Hazard Lurking in Your Spice Rack; Milk & Cookie Disease? Startling food facts; an all-natural way to get shiny, healthy hair; health headlines. 01/24/2014
E88 Bullied Teen's Battle to Heal Torn Scalp; Brain Surgery While You're Awake! Dreaded Back-Fat Removal; Breast Cysts: When You Need to Worry Bullying leaves a child with potentially permanent bald spots; breast condition; brain surgery. 01/23/2014
E87 New Implant for Treating Alcohol Addiction; a Condition That Turns Skin to Stone; Gloria Gaynor Opens Up About Her Personal Health Music; alcohol addiction; a young boy's skin turns rock-hard; Gloria Gaynor performs. 01/22/2014
E86 Tyrese Gibson Discusses the Death of Friend Paul Walker; New Surgery for Sinusitis; Quick Fix forReceding Gums; UTI Treatment and Prevention Tyrese Gibson; sinus pressure; receding gums; UTIs; chef Jeff Henderson. 01/21/2014
E85 Extreme Life-Changing Face Makeover; Mom & Daughter at Odds; Must-Have Health Gadgets for 2014; Co-Ed Nude Yoga; Word of the Day Giveaway A dramatic dental makeover; Pastor Miles McPherson; health and beauty gadgets. 01/20/2014
E84 Must-Know Product Recalls; Plan B Contraceptive Controversy; Save Money on Meds; Are Your Vitamins Tainted? Health headlines; cutting-edge technology saves a young child's life; saving money on prescriptions. 01/17/2014
E83 Health Secrets Your Lips Reveal; Unhealthy Feet, Unhealthy Body? 5 Tips to Disguise Crying Eyes; 3 Surprising Reasons You're Getting Fevers Never-before-seen footage from past shows; five health clues the lips reveal. 01/16/2014
E82 Living Without a Colon; Dr. Ian's Super Shred Diet; TLC Singer's Battle With Lifelong Illness A weight-loss diet; beating intestinal cancer by having the colon removed; Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins. 01/15/2014
E81 Embarrassing Body Issues; Revealing Celebrity Snapshots; Severed Hand Surgery; Excessive Sweating & Butt Fungus Embarrassing health questions; a man's ankle helps to save his severed hand. 01/14/2014
E80 Girl With Half a Face; Shocking New Research on C-Sections; Country Singer Mark Wills Severe facial tumors; children with special needs; cesarean sections; singer Mark Willis. 01/13/2014
E79 Cynthia Bailey's Health Confession; Carrie Underwood's Beauty Secret; Are Large Breasts Ruining Your Life? Cynthia Bailey; breast reduction surgery; beauty benefits of baby products. 01/10/2014
E78 Eat Away Your Illness; Bizarre in the E.R.; How to Prevent Beauty Blunders; Which Is Worse? Cures From the Animal Kingdom Ways animals can cure humans; strange tales of emergency medicine; four superfoods. 01/09/2014
E77 Drs. Exclusive: Born Without a Birth Canal; Bizarre Health Trends; Ask the Vet: Pet CPR; The Vegan Rapper A woman was born without internal sex organs; body art exhibits; rapper the Vegan Boss. 01/08/2014
E76 The Doctors Unplugged: Shocking Celebrity Health Trends; Star From The Hangover; Drs. Get Pranked! Anti-Aging Down There Health questions; an animal actor; a trendy new procedure; Dr. Jim Sears goes bungee-jumping. 01/07/2014
E75 Travis's Secret Weight-Loss Tips; Anti-Aging Secrets You've Never Heard; Cindy Crawford's At-Home Secret for Supermodel Skin! Weight loss; getting the most nutrients out of vegetables; a new treatment to reduce signs of aging. 01/06/2014
E74 Hot Health Headlines; Doctor Sued for Woman's Private Part Problem?; 5-Year-Old Saves Mom's Life; Emergency Labor and Delivery Tips A 5-year-old girl who saved her mother's life; creating an emergency plan with a child. 12/20/2013
E73 Obamacare 101: How the Affordable Care Act Affects You; Don't Be Confused Anymore! Information of the Affordable Care Act; opposing views and impacts. 12/19/2013
E72 The Doctors' Holiday Health Special! Honoring men and women in the military; makeovers; health benefits of Christmas music. 12/18/2013
E71 Dangerous Viral Trends; Deadly Danger Lurking in Your Air Conditioner?; Eyeball Licking; Condom Snorting; Salt & Ice Burns Weird and extreme stunts; a new and dangerous way teens are getting high; new drug slang words. 12/17/2013
E70 Mary Murphy's Health Scare; Italian Comfort Food Diet; Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas Surprises Blind Gymnast; Shocking Social Media Dangers Choreographer Mary Murphy; social media dangers; a 14-year-old blind gymnast. 12/16/2013
E69 Breaking Medical News; Pregnant & Didn't Know It; Drop 5 Pounds Without Knowing It; Cooking With Rapper 2 Chainz Rapper 2 Chainz; ingredient swaps to cut calories; breast cancer treatments; health headlines. 12/13/2013
E68 5 Items in Your Purse Making You Fat; Top Health Myths Exposed; Teen Mom Star Maci Bookout's Mystery Illness Revealed Maci Bookout ("Teen Mom"); separating health myths from reality. 12/12/2013
E67 The Doctors Investigates: What's Really in Your Food? Surprising Additives, Addictive Ingredients & Potentially Hazardous Chemicals Decoding food labels to identify potentially hazardous chemicals; grass-fed vs. grain-fed beef. 12/11/2013
E66 Dr. Travis' Weight Loss Secrets; Kate Hudson's Trick to Rock-Hard Abs; Drs. Take on Carol Burnett's Health Concern; Dramatic Weight Loss A three-step diet; one of Dr. Travis' favorite healthy meals; Kate Hudson's weight-loss method. 12/10/2013
E65 Shocking Causes of Bad Sleep; 30-Minute Fix for Back Pain; Cage-Fighting Kids; Lisa Whelchel Rumor Fix; HPV Vaccine Debate Chronic back pain; a bad night's sleep; cage fighting for children; the HPV vaccine; Lisa Whelchel. 12/09/2013
E64 New Flu Dangers You Never Knew; Surprising Hazard in Your Beauty Routine; Dr. Rachael Investigates Teen Health Issues Flu; "N-Bomb"; safe sex and self-respect; anti-aging cream; breast health. 12/06/2013
E63 Niecy Nash's Split Earlobe Fix; Bulging Leg Disorder: Extreme Mom Intervention; Beauty Treatments That Help You Heal Actress Niecy Nash; a woman has benign tumors on her legs; beauty treatments for cancer patients. 12/05/2013
E62 Allergic to Husband? Life-Threatening Food Allergies; Fix for Over-Plucked Eyebrows; 6-Pack Ab Secrets Revealed Viewers' health questions; getting six-pack abs; sex allergies and fertility. 12/04/2013
E61 Drs. Exclusive: Vanessa Carlton's Health Scare; Rocco DiSpirito's Food Swaps; Exploding Head Syndrome; New Microwave Dangers Vanessa Carlton; Rocco DiSpirito; exploding head syndrome; microwave oven dangers. 12/03/2013
E60 Dangerous Mold in Your Washing Machine? Heart Attacks at Younger Ages; New Treatment for Painful Elbows; Snoring Solutions Common household items that could be harming health; ultrasonic energy to alleviate pain. 12/02/2013
E59 Man Dies From Caffeine Overdose? Virginity Testing; Pediatric Acne; Shocking Cyst Removal Controversial and bizarre medical news; a shocking live procedure. 11/29/2013
E58 Too Hot for TV: Burning Lungs, Spicy Food Dangers, Blistering Skin, High Fevers, Fiery Throats & More! Soothing the burn of eating spicy foods; how to tell if a child's fever is dangerously high. 11/27/2013
E57 Dr. Rachael's BRCA Test; Out-of-Whack Hormones; Stem Cell Therapy Down There; Cookie Johnson Dr. Rachael Ross discusses her family history of breast cancer; stem-cell therapy; HIV/AIDS. 11/26/2013
E56 Unbelievable Nose Makeover; Medical Marijuana for Kids; Severe Seizures; Female Odors Revealed A mother gives medical marijuana to her child to control her severe seizures. 11/25/2013
E55 Breaking Health Headlines; Dr. Travis & Dr. Sears' Dual Colonoscopy; DIY or Visit the ER? Colonoscopies; a man struck by a car while saving another man's life. 11/22/2013
E54 Dr. Phil's Medical History; Extreme Mommy Makeover; Dr. Ian's Glaucoma Exam; the Vet Visits Dr.Travis! Dr. Phil McGraw; skin cancer; glaucoma; pet health; beauty advice; a mother of five gets a makeover. 11/21/2013
E53 Ali Larter; Celebrity Beauty Fixes; Dr. Travis' Big Surprise; Dr. Ashton's Skin Scare? Achieving celebrity looks at home; Kyle Richards; Ali Larter; a potentially lifesaving skin exam. 11/20/2013
E52 Parents of 17 Kids! The Docs as Patients; Armless Bodybuilder; Illegal to Touch Pregnant Bellies? Couple with 17 children; woman without arms; pregnant women; prostate exam; vitamin supplements. 11/19/2013
E51 Celebrity Gyno-logues, With Joanna Krupa, Jenifer Lewis, Kim Fields & Fran Drescher Female anatomy and disorders; Patti Stanger and pre-menopause. 11/18/2013
E50 Which Is Worse for You; Moll Anderson's Minute Makeover; Embarrassing Medical Confessions; Drs' Stool Squad House Call A one-minute fix for shiny, healthy hair; bizarre things people do that put them in the ER. 11/15/2013
E49 Dr. Phil Comes Clean About a Big Secret; Ultimate Foot Makeovers; Vaginal Fistula & Drs. House Call You Can't Miss Dr. Phil McGraw; a woman born with 12 toes; habits that can cause skin to break out. 11/14/2013
E48 3 Shocking Weight Loss Transformations; James Van Praagh; Dr. Ashton's Urgent House Call; Man Fired From Walmart for Saving Woman? Three women transform their bodies and their lives; medium James Van Praagh. 11/13/2013
E47 Twins, Triplets, Quads, Quints & More! Dr. Ian Twin Brother Prank! Dr. Travis' Adventures in Baby-Sitting Dr. Travis Stork baby-sits quadruplets; a twin sibling impersonates a doctor. 11/12/2013
E46 Drs. Take Over Entertainment Tonight; A-List Celebrity Health Secrets; Questions Direct From the Red Carpet Hollywood's hottest health and beauty trends; tattoo technology erases the signs of aging. 11/11/2013
E45 Breaking Health News You Can't Miss; 3 Foods You Should Never Eat; Do You Stink & Don't Know It? Healthy habits; nonsexual ways of catching STD; cocoa butter; caffeine; pregnancy myths; body odor. 11/08/2013
E44 Get Inside Dr. Phil's Head: What's He Really Thinking? Plus, Academy Award-Winning Actress' Vision Scare; Bullied Teen's Suicide Dr. Phil McGraw; a woman's teen son committed suicide because of relentless bullying; Marlee Matlin. 11/07/2013
E43 Crash Landings: Must-Know Tips; Robin Quivers' Health Scare; Boy With Butterfly Skin Robin Quivers; a boy's skin disorder; what to know before boarding a plane; alcohol and aging. 11/06/2013
E42 Dr. Phil's Interview With Ariel Castro Hostage; Chaz Bono's Cosmetic Surgery; Dr. Ordon's Potentially Life-Saving House Call Show Dr. Phil McGraw; Chaz Bono; Dr. Andrew Ordon helps a woman confront her fear of skin cancer. 11/05/2013
E41 Drs. Exclusive: Real Housewives Star Comes Clean; Don't Let Turkey Wattle Give Away Your Age; Decrease Your Back Flab Joanna Krupa ("The Real Housewives of Miami"); eliminating back flab; bulging body-parts. 11/04/2013
E40 Drs Weigh In; Matthew McConaughey's Extreme Weight Loss; Tori Spelling's Confessions; Chris Brown's Reported Anger Issues Hot health headlines; Dr. Ian Smith; getting a picky eater to eat; Mark Wahlberg's personal trainer. 11/01/2013
E39 Scared Straight to Lose Weight; Hollywood Legends Return From the Dead; Dr. Travis Surprises Biggest Fan Halloween; weight loss; hazards of sugar-free candy; a zombie-infested 5K. 10/31/2013
E38 Nightmare Mouth Makeover; The Drs. Save a Life; The Delivery of a Lifetime A smile makeover; a couple's journey to have a child; the doctors help to save a guest's life. 10/30/2013
E37 Super Shred Diet; Paralyzed Man Walks Again; Life-Saving Domestic Abuse App Losing 20 pounds in four weeks; a paralyzed man defies medical odds; stopping domestic violence. 10/29/2013
E36 6 Everyday Items Dirtier Than a Toilet; Our Own Dr.'s Cancer Scare; Debra Messing Debra Messing; reducing the risk of breast cancer; unexpected hot spots for germs. 10/28/2013
E35 140-Pound Weight Loss; Autistic Hate Letter; Cancer Drug Denial A spiteful letter targets the mother of autistic children; a cancer patient is denied treatment. 10/25/2013
E34 Naomi Judd's Panic Attacks; Erin Brockovich; Family Survives Cruise Ship Disaster Singer Naomi Judd discusses her history with hepatitis C and ongoing battle with panic attacks. 10/24/2013
E33 What's Hiding in Your Home? Shocking Videos You Must See to Protect Your Family A shocking home video that could save a child's life; protecting one's family from home toxins. 10/23/2013
E32 Doctors Get Pranked; 3 Purse Items to Avoid an Awkward No. 2; Banish Bloating, B.O. & Bad Breath At-home solutions for fighting foot fungus, combating cold sores and banishing bloating. 10/22/2013
E31 Mom Fakes Son's Cancer?; 3 Beauty Tips to Do Before Bed Tonight; One Woman's Shockingly Swollen Foot A police case involves a mother who may have faked her 4-year-old son's cancer diagnosis. 10/21/2013
E30 Breaking Medical News; Celebrity Rumor Fix; Home Remedies Using Vodka The most current medical news; whether Hollywood health headlines are real or rumor. 10/18/2013
E29 What Really Happens After the Show: Boils, Itchy Eyes, Diabetes, Poor Circulation, Erectile Dysfunction Impromptu health questions from fans; carpal tunnel syndrome. 10/17/2013
E28 Vicki Lawrence; 200-Pound Weight Loss Makeover; Mystery Food Challenge Vicki Lawrence; mystery health-food challenge; a disabled woman loses 247 pounds in a year. 10/16/2013
E27 Fat, Tired & Ugly: 6 Surprising Causes! Dan Marino; Marie Osmond; habits with a negative impact on health; regulating hormones; defying age. 10/15/2013
E26 Sharon Osbourne's Weight Loss Secret; Chronic Pelvic Pain; Tongue Patch Diet; Sarah Michelle Gellar on Whooping Cough Awareness Sharon Osbourne; Sarah Michelle Gellar; symptoms of a UTI may be a more serious condition. 10/14/2013
E25 Medical Confessionals; Celebrity Home Remedies; New Drug Dangers; New Skin Cancer Risk A 25-state food poisoning outbreak; side effects from the drug crazy clown; home remedies for acne. 10/11/2013
E24 Wardrobe Malfunctions Making You Sick; Nighttime Health Dilemmas; Stacy London Stacy London discusses psoriasis; health risks of wardrobe malfunctions; side effect from hickeys. 10/10/2013
E23 Shocking Headlines: Contact Lens Blindness?; How Toxic Is Your Tuna?; Water Therapy for Autism Traffic stop results in a federal lawsuit; contact lenses; autistic children benefit from water. 10/09/2013
E22 What Really Happens After the Show!; Fix Puffy Eyes, Saggy Breasts & Joint Pain Doctors provide consultations and procedures for audience members; solutions for under-eye circles. 10/08/2013
E21 Nick Carter's Battle With Addiction; Farrah Abraham; Get Summer Skin in the Fall! Singer Nick Carter; Farrah Abraham ("Teen Mom"); preparing one's skin for the fall. 10/07/2013
E20 Medication Mix-Ups: Are You at Risk? Sleep-Texting; Aphrodisiacs to Boost Libido Health news; the danger of sleeping near a cell phone; exotic aphrodisiacs. 10/04/2013
E19 Surprising Home Germ Hot-Spots; Late-Night Snacks for Better Sleep; Scrubs Star Sarah Chalke on Her Son's Illness Reducing stress; actress Sarah Chalke; parts of the kitchen harboring harmful bacteria; snacks. 10/03/2013
E18 Modern Family's Julie Bowen; Life-Threatening Allergies; Foods to Help You Lose Weight Julie Bowen; allergies and life-threatening allergic reactions; prebiotics; whiter teeth; coffee. 10/02/2013
E17 Angelina Jolie's Breast Surgeon; Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risks; Designer Babies Genes may predetermine a person's weight; Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy. 10/01/2013
E16 Bruce Jenner's Cancer Diagnosis; Flesh-Eating Drug Danger; Nigel Lythgoe Bruce Jenner; an illicit drug eats a user's flesh from the inside out; Nigel Lythgoe. 09/30/2013
E15 Mom Cannabis Clubs; Sanjay Gupta; Danger Lurking in Your Cocktail? Private parties; medicinal marijuana; dangerous ingredients in cocktails. 09/27/2013
E14 Cord Blood Debate; Surgery to Cure Diabetes?; New Heroin Epidemic Mackenzie Phillips; heroin; bariatric surgery; a new use for umbilical cord blood. 09/26/2013
E13 Secrets Your Doctor May Not Be Telling You! Unnecessary treatments; medical procedures that may pose more risk than benefit. 09/25/2013
E12 25-Year-Old Zit; Dangerous Bra Mistakes; Is Your Urine Normal? Embarrassing and unsightly body problems; dangers of wearing the wrong bra; body noises. 09/24/2013
E11 Back Pain, Throbbing Joints, Heartburn; Cheap Ways to Fight Aging; Bizarre in the ER New medical advances to reduce pain; strange stories from the emergency room. 09/23/2013
E10 Breaking Health News, Surprising Household Toxins and Age-Defying Wrinkle Treatments Toxic chemicals and fumes around the house and yard; a new age-defying treatment; seizures. 09/20/2013
E9 Drs.' Exclusives: Gender-Creative Child & YouTube Weight Loss Sensation Jon Calvo Parenting a gender-creative child; a man loses more than 175 pounds in three years. 09/19/2013
E8 Get A-List Lips, Tush & Tummies: No Surgery Required! Getting the most-desired "celebrity body" parts without surgery; flattening abs overnight. 09/18/2013
E7 Get Better Breasts, a Tighter Tush, & a Healthier Number 2! Advice and treatments for embarrassing body issues; boosting the behind without surgery. 09/17/2013
E6 Drs.' Exclusive: Mike Sorrentino's Prescription Pill Addiction Mike Sorrentino; making skin look younger; a shark-attack survivor; warning signs of a sinkhole. 09/16/2013
E5 The Doctors' Exclusive: Tamera Mowry's Big Health Announcement Tamera Mowry reveals her plan to have another baby; factors affecting fertility; dangerous fads. 09/13/2013
E4 How to Detect an Illness Before It Strikes Medical advances to stop disease and disability before they start; a viewer saves a TV host's life. 09/12/2013
E3 Celebrity Health Fads: Real or Rumor? Hollywood health fads; Chaz Bono; foods to spice up the sex life; a makeover. 09/11/2013
E2 TMI Tuesday: Secrets About Your Private Parts Leaky female-body parts; a smartphone app to predict penis size; back pain; discharge. 09/10/2013
E1 Pregnant Woman Struck by Lightning; 13-Lb. Natural Birth A couple struck by lightning; weight discrimination; bone cancer. 09/09/2013