The Dr. Oz Show - Episode Guide for Season 5

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E145 The Extreme New Way to Lose 15 Pounds in One Week An extreme diet; knee pain relief; high cholesterol in dogs; relieving mood swings. 04/25/2014
E144 Biggest Cellulite Myths Busted Fighting cellulite; organic versions of energy drinks; overeating; beauty-salon dangers. 04/24/2014
E143 The Addictive New Ingredient Hiding in Your Food A mysterious additive keeps people addicted to soda and other foods; dangers of crossing the legs. 04/23/2014
E142 Health Alert: 3 Deadly Diseases Making a Comeback The return of the measles, whooping cough and a polio-like illness; Ayurvedic cleanses. 04/22/2014
E141 The Biggest Diet Lies Making You Fat Weight-loss myths; e-cigarette dangers; a supplement for insomnia; vegetarian weight gain. 04/21/2014
E140 Joan and Melissa Rivers' Health Intervention! TV personalities Joan and Melissa Rivers; overeating; breakfasts that give energy in the morning. 04/18/2014
E139 Is the Government Out to Undermine Your Health? Getting essential health care; saturated fat; preventing shingles; OCD. 04/17/2014
E138 The 10-Minute Fix that Cures Exhaustion Napping; diet soda dangers; ovarian cysts; clean eating; three easy superfood smoothies. 04/15/2014
E137 Kick the Sugar: An Easy Way to Give It Up for Good Dangers of sugar; a new test of heart health; Meyer lemons; five-minute health payoffs. 04/14/2014
E136 Famous Deaths Re-Examined: Princess Diana Princess Diana's final hours; a diet to end inflammation; Epsom salt; insomnia solutions. 04/10/2014
E135 New Rules to Declutter Your Life and Transform Your Health The health consequences of a messy home; ingredients of non-dairy milks; adrenal fatigue. 04/09/2014
E134 Can an Aspirin a Day Keep Cancer Away? Aspirin; natural healers; potassium; spring allergies; meditation; Russell Simmons. 04/08/2014
E133 The Fat Drug: How Antibiotics Make You Gain Weight Antibiotics and obesity; oversleeping; gout; a woman lives without sugar for a year. 04/07/2014
E132 How to Revive Your Flatlined Sex Life Reviving the sex life; yams prevent cancer; stomach problems; anti-aging secrets. 04/03/2014
E131 Are There Imposters in Your Medical Cabinet? Imported, counterfeit medicines; CPR; yeast infection; strawberries; vitamins; anatomy test. 04/02/2014
E130 Three New Ways to Prevent Alzheimer's Alzheimer's; orange juice; raspy voice; nail-biting; sculpting the arms; Dr. Oz's best-kept secrets. 04/01/2014
E129 Giuliana and Bill Rancic's Health Tell-All Bad habits; TV personalities Giuliana and Bill Rancic; sleep complaints; handwriting. 03/31/2014
E128 Kids Bust Health Myths Their Parents Told Them Children talk about health myths and expose their parents' most embarrassing moments. 03/28/2014
E127 Drug Abuse in America: The Lethal New Pill Hitting the Street A potentially dangerous new prescription painkiller; heroin abuse; restoring the hair inexpensively. 03/26/2014
E126 How to Defy Your Age, With the Cast of Hot in Cleveland Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves and Wendie Malick ("Hot in Cleveland"). 03/25/2014
E125 New Food Rules to Achieve Permanent Weight Loss Simple food rules to keep weight off; predicting how long one will live; Niecy Nash. 03/24/2014
E124 Do Antioxidants Cause Cancer? Antioxidants; the O-shot; stretch marks; all-natural headache cures; crock-pot recipes; POP Pilates. 03/19/2014
E123 Are You a Food Addict? The Test to Find Out! Food addiction; urinary tract infections; cancer remission; an all-day, natural energy-booster. 03/18/2014
E122 Weatherman Sam Champion's Health Scare An important vitamin; Sam Champion; corn sensitivity; nutritional labels; back pain in women. 03/17/2014
E121 The Thing More Powerful Than Your Statins Lowering cholesterol naturally; Tyler Perry; irritable bowel syndrome; Wolfgang Puck; chia seeds. 03/14/2014
E120 Are High-Protein Diets a Good Thing or a Bad Thing? Protein; choosing a protein bar; a ruptured aneurysm; baking soda. 03/12/2014
E119 The 3 Hidden Body Signs You're Stressed Stress; holistic health; ignoring hunger; a supermarket scavenger hunt. 03/11/2014
E118 The New Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners Artificial sweeteners; generic prescriptions; anemia; food swaps; diabetes; three new health books. 03/10/2014
E117 Smoking Alcohol: The Dangerous New Way to Get Drunk Dr. Oz tests a dangerous new fad in which people inhale alcohol instead of drinking it. 03/06/2014
E116 Everyday Foods the Experts Won't Touch Foods to avoid and what should be eaten instead. 03/05/2014
E115 Five Things Happy People Do That You Should Too Common secrets of happiness; making life more energetic. 03/04/2014
E114 Dr. Oz's Ultimate Anti-Aging Guide: 7 Days to Boost Your Energy Boosting energy and reversing the effects of aging. 03/03/2014
E113 The Little Couple's Cancer Scare Jennifer Arnold ("The Little Couple") discusses her rare form of cancer; influenza; nut butters. 02/28/2014
E112 The Fat Conspiracy: The Stealth Ingredient Hiding in Every Aisle at the Grocery Store Hidden fat; agave dangers; thinning hair; sweat; three anti-aging supplements. 02/27/2014
E111 What Worrywarts Should Worry About The truth about hyped-up health scares; cellulite; the spleen; cranial sacral therapy. 02/26/2014
E110 America's Dangerous New Diet Trend: Achieving the Thigh Gap Women go to extremes to lose weight; kale; magnesium; food labels; yoga moves for pain. 02/25/2014
E109 The Detox Diet to Burn Fat and Lose Weight Fast A detox diet; speeding up the thyroid; probiotics; reviving the neckline. 02/24/2014
E108 The Cringeworthy Truth About Supermarket Cleanliness Supermarket cleanliness; types of aging; gray hair; fenugreek for blood pressure. 02/21/2014
E107 Ambien: America's No. 1 Sleeping Pill: Disturbing Side Effects Sleeping pills; antiseptic mouthwash; making hands look younger; eyelash extensions; no-carb pasta. 02/20/2014
E106 The Truth About Fibroids: Do You Need Surgery? Fibroids; coffee enemas; inability to make decisions; carb cravings; health advertisements. 02/19/2014
E105 The 5 Hidden Signs You Have a Gluten Allergy Gluten sensitivity; protein powder; ear wax; acid reflux; dark circles under the eyes. 02/18/2014
E104 Your Personal Paleo Code: The Diet to Lose Weight and Get Healthy for Life The paleolithic diet; lack of sleep; fibromyalgia; constipation. 02/17/2014
E103 Biggest Health Traps Women Fall For Health traps; stress, sleep issues and diet trends; commuting; an all-natural appetite suppressant. 02/14/2014
E102 No to GMOs: The Global Food Conspiracy to Keep You From Knowing the Truth About Your Food Genetically modified organisms; rapid weight-loss diet; cold sores and canker sores; rose oil. 02/13/2014
E101 Diet Myths Debunked Myths that stop one from losing weight; extreme cases of cosmetic surgery; heart disease. 02/12/2014
E100 Restart Your Body 5 Ways in 5 Days Ending exhaustion; matching a diet to one's personality type; healthy versions of feel-good foods. 02/11/2014
E99 Triple Your Fat Loss Three new ways to lose fat; multivitamins; toxins in fish; chef Mario Batali; coconut water. 02/10/2014
E98 How to Get Your Fat to Eat Itself Getting fat to devour itself; a pill to cheat on a diet but still lose weight. 02/07/2014
E97 Shame Files: Your Most Mortifying Moments Embarrassing and outrageous health mistakes; harmful sweeteners; breast pain; medical myths. 02/06/2014
E96 The Fast Metabolism Diet Supercharging the metabolism to burn calories faster; yeast-infection remedies. 02/05/2014
E95 Cracking the Code on Food Sensitivity Gluten and dairy sensitivity; diet for food allergies; weight loss; kitchen hazards; neck pain. 02/04/2014
E94 The Bloat Cure Stopping belly bloat; spices to kill cravings; stopping the face from aging too fast. 02/03/2014
E93 The 56-Pound Anorexic A woman weighing only 56 pounds; a doctor says milk is destroying people's health. 01/31/2014
E92 The Wheat Belly Diet: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight? A doctor says wheat is the cause of obesity; Dr. Oz goes under cover in a fat-suit experiment. 01/30/2014
E91 The Real Reason You Stress Out and Stress Eat Stress and blood sugar; a vitamin to slow down Alzheimer's disease; Jessica Alba. 01/29/2014
E90 Natural Painkillers That Work Three natural, nonaddictive painkillers; caffeine; sleeping with makeup on; posture and health. 01/28/2014
E89 What Is Your Detox Type? Choosing a cleanse based on one's body type; fermented foods; decoding recurring dreams. 01/27/2014
E88 The Dangerous Ingredient Manufacturers Don't Want You to Know About A dangerous, widely used food additive; back pain; breakfast; removing unwanted hair; low iron. 01/24/2014
E87 Real Housewife NeNe Leakes and the Health Scare That Could Have Killed Her NeNe Leakes; veganism; multivitamins; holistic medicine; four types of cough; toning the body. 01/23/2014
E86 Myths Even Your Gyno Believes Gynecology myths; early cancer detection; green drinks; food labels; health apps; yoga. 01/22/2014
E85 The No. 1 Fatigue Fighter You've Never Heard Of A food that fights fatigue; an ancient cure for allergies; jaw pain. 01/21/2014
E84 Five Fixes for Your Five Big Health Complaints Cures for stress, pain and sleep issues; inexpensive superfoods; saving money at the drugstore. 01/20/2014
E83 Does a Belief in Angels Have a Power to Heal? Using a belief in angels to heal one's life; rapid aging; dandruff; oil of oregano as an antibiotic. 01/17/2014
E82 Why Insomnia Can't Be Ignored Insomnia; hypothyroidism; turmeric for depression; protein; dance moves; meditation. 01/16/2014
E81 Rebooting Your Body From Bad Food Cameron Diaz; a health quiz for women; silent signs of clogged arteries; coconut palm sugar. 01/15/2014
E80 Biggest Health Lies You've Been Told Health myths; birth order; zinc; dry skin; gaining muscle weight. 01/14/2014
E79 Toxic Acid Takedown: Fightling Inflammation Neutralizing acid and detoxifying the body; inflammatory foods; chronic fatigue; home remedies. 01/13/2014
E78 Whole Body Anti-Aging Guide 2014 How to look younger quickly; anti-aging pills; strep throat; soup for colds and flu. 01/10/2014
E77 The Health Mistake 90 Percent of Americans Make Fiber; eye aging and presbyopia; age-proofing hair; beating stress; quinoa; cutting a salt craving. 01/09/2014
E76 21 Days to a Flat Belly Belly fat; a fountain-of-youth powder; good packaged foods for dieters; a new metabolism booster. 01/08/2014
E75 Ayurvedic Solutions for Your Biggest Health Complaints Ayurveda; a three-day detox; dehydration; home beauty treatments; Aarti Sequeira. 01/07/2014
E74 Dr. Oz Two Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet Weight loss; what feet can tell about health; acid reflux; anti-aging; keeping vegetables fresh. 01/06/2014
E73 Three Busy Women Who Know Best Prescriptions for staying fit, focused and stress-free; family health; immunity boosters. 12/20/2013
E72 Where Are They Now? Inspiring life-saving moments; a tourist struck by a taxi returns. 12/19/2013
E71 The Toxic Flame Retardants in Your Home Right Now An investigation into furniture safety; an anti-aging superstar. 12/18/2013
E70 New Ways You Can Fight Disease in 2014 Ways to add years to a life; looking and feeling great. 12/17/2013
E69 Mary J. Blige Singer Mary J. Blige on her new healthy lifestyle; foods that combat the pain of PMS. 12/16/2013
E68 What's Your Cancer Risk? Ovarian and pancreatic cancer; sweating; beauty blunders; hair straighteners; eyelash boosters. 12/13/2013
E67 Meredith Vieira's Family Health Battle Meredith Vieira and her husband discuss his multiple sclerosis; pink eye; the Daniel Plan. 12/12/2013
E66 The Best and Worst Health Trends of 2013 Health trends; health news to lose; chronic knee pain; cancer myths. 12/11/2013
E65 Buyer Beware: Chicken From China? Processed chicken from China; vitamin D; the tonsils; thinning hair; superseeds. 12/10/2013
E64 The Holiday Detox Offsetting the damage of holiday eating and drinking; caregiver burnout; fennel. 12/09/2013
E63 Why You Should Keep Your Cell Phone out of Your Bra Cell phones and breast cancer; viral health videos; negative thinking; reducing stress. 12/06/2013
E62 New Breakthrough: No-Pill Pain Fighters Easing pain in the back, knees and shoulders; shingles; heartburn; swaps for fast-food recipes. 12/05/2013
E61 Is Weed Addictive? Marijuana safety; health benefits of lemongrass; Joe Manganiello; blood; chef Art Smith. 12/04/2013
E60 Controversial Health Scares: Are You Safe or Not? Alarming health headlines; alternative health "all-stars"; saying "no"; a food fix for stress. 12/03/2013
E59 Gluten Warning Signs: The Next Epidemic? Gluten sensitivity; the whole-grain label; urinary-tract infection; medicine expiration dates. 12/02/2013
E58 How Weather Predicts Your Health Symptoms and weather conditions; Al Roker; coughs; heartburn pills; herbal supplements. 11/27/2013
E57 Are You Normal or Nuts? How quirks may affect one's health; aging; heart-attack triggers; TV personality Star Jones. 11/26/2013
E56 Controversial New Statin Guidelines Heart disease and new guidelines for statins; sinus pressure; holiday travel hazards. 11/25/2013
E55 The Secret World of Squashers Squashing; Dr. Drew Pinsky; food phobias; personality traits and health; Joe Manganiello. 11/22/2013
E54 The Fat in Your Blood Doctors Never Talk About! Triglycerides; foods that curb the appetite; health tests; Dolvett Quince. 11/21/2013
E53 Is Diet Soda Ruining Your Metabolism? Artificial sweeteners; Internet food rumors; food poisoning vs. stomach flu; rosacea. 11/20/2013
E52 Judge Judy's Health Crisis Judge Judy Sheindlin; sciatic nerve pain; naturopathic therapy; the foot map; calories; food labels. 11/19/2013
E51 The Next Big Weight Loss Superstar Black soybean for weight loss; hemp seed for the memory; laser hair-removal; numbness. 11/18/2013
E50 The Hottest Health Secrets From Men in Hollywood, With Taye Diggs The cast of "The Best Man Holiday" discusses men's health; Deepak Chopra discusses weight loss. 11/15/2013
E49 Camille Grammer Cancer Bombshell Camille Grammer; endometrial cancer; health products that are a waste of money; common pains. 11/14/2013
E48 The Hidden Reasons You're Fat A hidden food allergy may cause weight gain; insomnia; anger styles; apples. 11/13/2013
E47 Could You Survive? Fire safety; dangerous over-the-counter medications; combining food and medicine; monk fruit. 11/12/2013
E46 Melt Your Fat Fast Using hormones to lose fat; exhaustion; snoring; blood sugar; chemical-free laundry. 11/11/2013
E45 Sanjay Gupta Sounds the Alarm on America's Hidden Epidemic! Dr. Sanjay Gupta discusses the overstimulated brain; anti-aging tricks; carpal tunnel syndrome. 11/08/2013
E44 Belly Fat Myths Getting rid of belly fat; cellulite; weight loss; honey's natural healing powers. 11/07/2013
E43 Céline Dion Céline Dion is interviewed and performs; happiness; pumpkins. 11/06/2013
E42 What the Food Industry Doesn't Want You to Know Pesticide overload; genetically modified crops; organic foods; overuse of antibiotics. 11/05/2013
E41 Metabolism Game Changer Yacon syrup for weight loss; metabolism; appetite suppressants. 11/04/2013
E40 Energy Boosters Hot List Four new energy boosters to fight fatigue; worrying. 11/01/2013
E39 What Your Body Type Reveals About Your Future Health What body shape says about health; getting five vitamins without pills; preventing a blood clot. 10/31/2013
E38 The Surgery You Should Say No To: Bunions! Judge Marilyn Milian ("The People's Court") discusses bunion surgery; home remedies; parasites. 10/30/2013
E37 5 Big Health Mistakes Smart Women Make, With Kathie Lee & Hoda Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb ("Today") talk about women's health blunders; diverticulitis. 10/29/2013
E36 Montel Williams' Family Health Crisis! Talk-show host Montel Williams discusses cancer; food allergies that may cause exhaustion. 10/28/2013
E35 You Asked What?!? 5 Outlandish Questions! Embarrassing personal questions; pancreatic cancer; calcium overload; protein powder. 10/25/2013
E34 The Alarmist's Guide to the Symptoms You Worry About Most Four big symptoms one should not worry about; health-food store finds; muscle aches; spider veins. 10/24/2013
E33 Dick Cheney: Exclusive! Former Vice President Dick Cheney discusses heart disease; female-friendly energy drinks. 10/23/2013
E32 The Secrets in Your Chakras: What the 7 Energy Centers Reveal About Your Health & Heart The chakras; weight loss; foods for fighting cancer; Greek yogurt. 10/22/2013
E31 Do Carbs Cause Alzheimer's? Dr. David Perlmutter says genes are controlled by what one eats; ulcers; seaweed; eczema. 10/21/2013
E30 T-Boz and Chilli:Their Health Scare Revealed! T-Boz and Chilli of TLC discuss T-Boz's brain tumor; hair loss. 10/18/2013
E29 Elizabeth Smart: Whatever It Took to Survive Kidnapping victim Elizabeth Smart; reversing aging; vitamin C. 10/17/2013
E28 Hot Flash R/X Hot flashes; pain relief; getting rid of bad breath; Caroline Manzo. 10/16/2013
E27 Juicerexia The diet fad of extreme juicing; the cast of "Welcome to Sweetie Pie's." 10/15/2013
E26 Get Rid of Belly Bloat! Why some women are unable to lose weight; toxin-flushing foods; mood-boosting teas; bloating. 10/14/2013
E25 Richard Simmons: Recharged and Rediscovered! Fitness expert Richard Simmons; popping pimples; "The View" crew's eating habits. 10/11/2013
E24 Connecting Your Mind, Body and Soul Connecting mind, body and soul; meditation; tennis player Venus Williams; false eyelashes. 10/10/2013
E23 Your Biggest Flu Questions Answered Simple ways to fight the flu; deviated septum; ancient beauty elixir. 10/09/2013
E22 The Diagnosis Doctors Miss Most: Thyroid Disease Thyroid disease; foods to fight stress and belly fat; medium Theresa Caputo. 10/08/2013
E21 Robin Quivers: The Battle With Cancer She Could Not Reveal Radio personality Robin Quivers talks about her cancer diagnosis; aspirin. 10/07/2013
E20 Wendy Williams Gets Real About Her Health! Wendy Williams; tests women should have done at age 50; fingernails; what to do before dialing 911. 10/04/2013
E19 Undercover Lasik Surgery Investigation! Whether Lasik eye surgery is safe; anemia; actor Terry Crews and his wife, Rebecca. 10/03/2013
E18 The 10 Things About Heart Disease Every Woman Must Know Heart disease; neighbors' dirty secrets; a casserole cook-off. 10/02/2013
E17 Dr. Oz Reunited With Tourist Struck by NYC Taxi A tourist hit by a taxicab; the germiest room in the house; leaking bladder; cutting salt. 10/01/2013
E16 The Newest Health Food Sensation Revealed! The health benefits of the white mulberry; extreme health habits; the appendix. 09/30/2013
E15 Artificial Sweeteners: Disturbing New Facts! Side effects of artificial sweeteners; gallstones. 09/27/2013
E14 Dr. Oz's Ultimate Alternative Health Remedies Acupuncture; deep breathing; the neti pot; diabetes. 09/26/2013
E13 Dr. Drew's Health Battle Revealed Dr. Drew Pinsky tells all about his secret health battle and why he has stayed silent until now. 09/25/2013
E12 What Dr. Oz Really Tells His Friends and Family! Dr. Oz's inner circle reveal the best advice he has given them; Gayle King. 09/24/2013
E11 3 Small Pains That Could Be a Problem! Comic Loni Love; three seemingly small pains that should never be ignored; relationship advice. 09/23/2013
E10 Viewers Take Over Dr. Oz! Viewers control what happens during the entire show; metabolism. 09/20/2013
E9 Headed for a Sleep Divorce? Relationship sleep problems; Melissa Gorga ("The Real Housewives of New Jersey"). 09/19/2013
E8 Kick Cholesterol to the Curb With Cedric the Entertainer Cedric the Entertainer; cholesterol; dangers of shapewear. 09/18/2013
E7 Dr. Oz Unexpected! Fast food; viral video star Sweet Brown; saving one's own life in 30 seconds. 09/17/2013
E6 Quack Medicine With the Cast of Duck Dynasty The cast of TV's "Duck Dynasty"; supplements. 09/16/2013
E5 How to Get Almost Anything for Free Getting health items and services free of charge; Abby Lee Miller. 09/13/2013
E4 Mirror Mirror Women risk bodily harm in the name of beauty; Dr. Venus Nicolino helps a mother with rage issues. 09/12/2013
E3 Girls Out Loud: Sound Off on Hot Health Topics Kim Coles, Cheryl Burke and Kandi Burruss; mood swings; Stepp Stewart. 09/11/2013
E2 Steven Tyler on the Record Steven Tyler; Dr. Harry Haroutunian, Betty Ford Center; shoes that feel and look good; coffee. 09/10/2013
E1 Whose Embarrassing Condition Is It, Anyway? Wayne Brady, Aisha Tyler and Colin Mochrie ("Whose Line Is It Anyway?"); fibroids; comic GloZell. 09/09/2013