The Feasty Boys Eat America - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E8 Vermont Buffalo Mozzarella Water Buffalo in Woodstock. 02/13/2008
E7 Wisconsin Sausage The Feasty Boys travel to Green Bay, Wis., for tailgating at Lambeau Field. 01/31/2008
E6 Maryland Crabs The Feasty Boys return to their home turf of Annapolis, Md. 01/31/2008
E5 Louisiana Shrimp 01/29/2008
E4 Arizona Ostrich Eggs Ostrich ranching in the Arizona desert. 01/24/2008
E3 New Mexico Chile Peppers Chile varieties; picking and sorting chiles. 01/15/2008
E2 Massachusetts Cranberries Cranberry Bogs in Carver, Mass. 12/17/2007
E1 Maryland Crabs Ostrich ranching in the Arizona desert. 11/27/2007