The First World War - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E10 War Without End Germany is forced to take the blame for the war and to pay for it. 11/22/2003
E9 Germany's Last Gamble Germany's allies starve; political unrest at home. 11/15/2003
E8 Revolution Governments use revolutions elsewhere as a weapon of war. 11/08/2003
E7 Blockade The British blockade Europe in an effort to starve out the enemy. 11/01/2003
E6 Breaking the Deadlock Technical innovations are created to bring speedy end to the war. 10/25/2003
E5 Shackled to a Corpse The war on the Eastern Front initiates many horrors. 10/18/2003
E4 Jihad Turkey ties up Allied troops for four years. 10/11/2003
E3 Global War Germany baits Britain by diverting attention away from the Western Front. 10/04/2003
E2 Under the Eagle The atrocities of the early months of the war on the Western front. 09/27/2003
E1 To Arms The causes behind the first great conflict of the 20th century. 09/20/2003