The Guns of Will Sonnett - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E24 Three Stand Together After 20 years apart, the Sonnet family stands together at last. 03/28/1969
E23 The Man Who Killed James Sonnett Will and Jeff encounter an acting troupe and a man who claims he killed Jim Sonnett. 03/21/1969
E22 One Angry Juror Will gets pressured into serving jury duty in a Western town. 03/07/1969
E21 The Trial A man charged with murder claims Jim Sonnett's testimony could prove his innocence. 02/28/1969
E20 Jim Sonnett's Lady A woman involved in a plot to kill Jim Sonnett ends up falling for him instead. 02/21/1969
E19 A Town in Terror Will and Jeff race to the rescue after the latter inadvertently reveals Jim's secret. 02/14/1969
E18 A Town in Terror Jeff rides out to face the hired gun who killed his father. 02/07/1969
E17 Trail's End An obsessed man with a grudge tries to force a saloon girl to reveal Jim's whereabouts. 01/31/1969
E16 Sodbuster Will and Jeff assist a family who have run into trouble after moving West to become farmers. 01/24/1969
E15 Robber's Roost An outlaw plans to use Will and Jeff to spring some comrades out of jail. 01/17/1969
E14 Time Is the Rider Will tracks an impostor who intends to use Jeff to lure Jim out of hiding. 01/10/1969
E13 Join the Army Jeff and Will try to find out who slaughtered hundreds of buffaloes on a reservation. 01/03/1969
E12 Where There's Hope Will and Jeff find a self-assured little girl in the woods. 12/20/1968
E11 The Fearless Man Jeff admires a seemingly fearless stranger with a dark secret. 12/13/1968
E10 Meeting in a Small Town In a small Mexican border settlement, Will and Jeff encounter a bounty hunter gunning for Jim. 12/06/1968
E9 Guilt Will and Jeff become unwittingly entangled in a senseless blood feud. 11/29/1968
E8 Home Free Will and Jeff help a convicted thief get a fresh start. 11/22/1968
E7 A Difference of Opinion Will and Jeff face two crooked lawmen who claim to have run Jim Sonnett out of town. 11/15/1968
E6 The Straw Man When a widow blames Jim Sonnett for her husband's murder, Will tries to uncover the truth. 11/08/1968
E5 Joby A peaceable small town begins to experience an unusual amount of fighting. 11/01/1968
E4 The Pariah Old friends of the Sonnetts face prejudice because of Jim's reputation as a gunfighter. 10/18/1968
E3 Chapter and Verse Will and Jeff try to outwit two bounty hunters who want to capture Jim. 10/11/1968
E2 The Trap Will and Jeff try to foil lawmen who extort money from unsuspecting travelers. 10/04/1968
E1 Reunion A young man rides into town and claims to be Jim Sonnett's long-lost son. 09/27/1968