The Jack Benny Show - Episode Guide for Season 15

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E28 Smothers Brothers Show Jack and the Smothers Brothers play wartime performers. 04/16/1965
E27 Jack Has Dog Trouble Jack wears an expensive new suit to his sponsor's house for dinner. 04/09/1965
E26 Jack Appears on a Panels Show A remake of an earlier episode. 04/02/1965
E25 Dennis Opens a Bank Account Jack's publicity agent makes Jack pose for a bunch of ridiculous photos. 03/26/1965
E24 Jack's Navy Buddy Returns Jack's old vaudeville partner and Navy pal wants to work with Jack. 03/19/1965
E23 Jack Finds a Double The network brass bring in a Benny look-alike to lighten Jack's load. 03/12/1965
E22 Jack Brings Ed Up From the Vault When Jack goes to his vault to get $10, he brings the guard back up with him. 03/05/1965
E21 Rainy Day in Palm Springs Rochester trains the new housekeeper. 02/26/1965
E20 Jack Joins Acrobats Acrobats are called in to cover when Jack's flying carpet sketch can't get off the ground. 02/19/1965
E19 The Stradivarius Story Jack plays violin maker Antonio Stradivari. 02/12/1965
E18 Jack Visits House of Monkeys Jack reminisces about his first meeting with the Marquis Chimps. 02/05/1965
E17 The Kingston Trio Show The Kingston Trio's song "Tijuana Jail" is presented as a comedy sketch. 01/29/1965
E16 Jack Adopts a Son Jack plays a man who adopts an unwanted orphan (Milton Berle). 01/22/1965
E15 The Jack Jones Show Jack Jones joins Jack in a sketch about the teaching profession. 01/08/1965
E14 One Man Show Jack brings Gisele MacKenzie to the stage to perform their violin duet. 12/25/1964
E13 Amateur Night Dennis is banned from the set for this latest amateur talent show. 12/18/1964
E12 Jack Has a Sick Alligator Jack calls a veterinarian to make a house call for the alligator guarding his vault. 12/11/1964
E11 Wayne Newton/Louie Nye Show Jack, Wayne Newton and Louis Nye perform at a charity fund-raising garden party. 12/04/1964
E10 Jack Hires a Cook Rochester finally gets a vacation, but panics when he sees a classified ad placed by Jack. 11/27/1964
E9 The Cat Burglar During a game at Jack's, the poker players discuss a local burglar. 11/20/1964
E8 Jack Loses a Raffle Women of the Beverly Hills Improvement Committee want to get rid of Jack's Maxwell. 11/13/1964
E7 Jungle Sketch Jack plays a scientist trying to develop a non-skid banana peel. 11/06/1964
E6 Hillbilly Sketch Connie Francis and Jack play hillbillies. 10/30/1964
E5 Jack Makes Comedy Record Bob Hope and Jack decide to cut a comedy record. 10/23/1964
E4 The Income Tax Show The IRS begins to doubt Jack's tax return. 10/16/1964
E3 Andy Williams Show A tuxedo-clad Andy Williams joins Jack at the opening of a meat market. 10/09/1964
E2 The Lucille Ball Show Lucille Ball joins Jack in a sketch about Paul Revere's famous ride. 10/02/1964
E1 NBC Premiere Everybody is talking about Jack's return to NBC. 09/25/1964