The Jane Show - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 Who's Got Spirit? Jane finds love when the Spirits gang attends a conference in Hamilton. 05/02/2007
E12 Till Beth Do Us Part Jane has feelings for Walton's new love interest, Beth. 04/25/2007
E11 It's All Relative A deep-seeded sibling resentment is revealed when Jane has a run-in with her sister. 04/18/2007
E10 Walton Returns A weary Walton returns from selling booze in Baghdad. 04/11/2007
E9 The Chosen One Stella invites Jane to her monthly meeting of high-powered women. 04/04/2007
E8 Plastic Ono Jane Jane takes on managing Iggoy's band. 03/28/2007
E7 The United Nations of Jane Jane tries as hard as she can to prove she's not a racist; Stella is falling for Desmond. 03/21/2007
E6 House of Jane When Jane house-sits for Susan, she gets more than she bargained for. 03/14/2007
E5 Voices From the Past Jane's house guest from the past isn't quite who she remembered; Cary gets an unexpected visitor. 03/07/2007
E4 Shower Killer Jane's attempt at a bridal shower for Susan takes a horrific turn. 02/28/2007
E3 A Jane in the Crowd Jane resents the hiring of a reality show winner. 02/21/2007
E2 Blog Like Me Lack of mention in her new boyfriend's blog leads Jane to extreme measures. 02/14/2007
E1 Moving on Up Walton and Jane compete for the same job; Stella considers adopting a baby. 02/07/2007