The Jeffersons - Episode Guide for Season 11

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E24 Red Robins George becomes a Red Robin scout leader in order to win a "Man of the Year" award. 07/02/1985
E23 Off-Off-Off-Off Broadway George refuses to perform in Louise's talent show. 06/25/1985
E22 The Odd Couple Florence hopes to improve her social life by placing a personal ad in a newspaper. 06/11/1985
E21 The Truth Hurts Louise thinks she may have a career as an artist, but George is afraid to tell her the truth. 06/04/1985
E20 And Up We Go George and Tom fight boredom on a weekend alone. 04/30/1985
E19 State of Mind The arrival of a pretty woman tenant annoys Louise. 04/23/1985
E18 That Blasted Cunningham In a promotional battle, George and his rival attempt to drive each other out of business. 04/02/1985
E17 A Secret in the Back Room The Jeffersons try to help their friend Charlie conquer his drinking problem. 03/19/1985
E16 Hail to the Chief Tom is in line for a huge promotion. 03/12/1985
E15 The Gang's All Here George's attempt to help Louise run a business almost leads to disaster. 03/05/1985
E14 Last Dance George's assistant cannot find a senior-prom date. 02/19/1985
E13 Sayonara As the Jeffersons and the Willises quarrel, Lionel and Jennie's marriage hangs in the balance. 02/05/1985
E12 Sayonara Lionel and Jennie return from Japan with news that stuns the Jefferson and Willis families. 01/29/1985
E11 Chairman of the Bored Tom's boring storytelling tactics seem to be working magic on a female quintet. 01/22/1985
E10 The Unnatural Reggie Jackson comes to the rescue after George drops a home run ball at Yankee Stadium. 01/15/1985
E9 You'll Never Get Rich George, Louise and Florence go to Atlantic City. 01/08/1985
E8 Try a Little Tenderness Louise insists on handing a unique punishment to two hoods who tried to rip off George's store. 12/23/1984
E7 They Don't Make Preachers Like Him Anymore Florence's faith is shaken when her church's new minister misappropriates funds. 12/16/1984
E6 The Gift When George forgets Louise's birthday, he asks Ralph for help. 11/25/1984
E5 Some Enchanted Evening Florence has a fantasy about meeting her idol at a ball despite her stepfather and stepsisters. 11/18/1984
E4 A House Divided George uses smear tactics in his race against Louise for president of the tenants' council. 11/04/1984
E3 Bobbles, Bangles and Booboos George and Louise try to find the imposters posing as TV personalities who ripped them off. 10/28/1984
E2 Ebony and Ivory Jessica competes with a prodigy in a piano contest. 10/21/1984
E1 Blood and Money George bribes Ralph into giving blood in his name. 10/07/1984