The Jetsons - Episode Guide for Season 3

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E10 Spacely for a Day Spacely leaves town for a few days and puts George in charge. 11/12/1987
E9 Too Many Georges A busy George gets the company doctor to clone him. 11/10/1987
E8 The Odd Pod Jane's entry in a flower show beats Mrs. Spacely's prize-winning blooms. 11/06/1987
E7 Wedding Bells for Rosie Cogswell uses an outdated robot registration law to close Spacely Sprockets. 11/04/1987
E6 Clean as a Hound's Tooth A dentist accidentally puts high-tech dog's teeth in George's mouth. 11/02/1987
E5 Father/Daughter Dance George must work, so Grandpa Jetson takes Judy to a father/daughter dance. 10/29/1987
E4 Invisibly Yours, George An experimental spot remover makes George invisible. 10/27/1987
E3 9 to 5 to 9 Judy takes three jobs to earn money for a new car. 10/23/1987
E2 ASTROnomical I.Q. Elroy invents a machine that increases Astro's I.Q. by 4,000 points. 10/21/1987
E1 Crime Games Astro and Elroy learn of a plot to break into Cogswell's warehouse. 10/19/1987