The Koala Brothers - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E14 The Thirsty Penguin 01/05/2004
E13 Penny Comes to Stay Buster wants to make Penny's stay as special as possible. 12/17/2003
E12 Sammy's Bumpy Ride Sammy discovers an old section of railway track down a disused road. 12/03/2003
E11 Ned the Policeman 11/26/2003
E10 Lolly Comes to Town Mitzi, Alice and Archie hear the tune from an ice cream van. 11/24/2003
E9 Archie's Tooth 09/11/2003
E8 What Mitzi Wants Mitzi wants a toy carousel from Sammy's shop. 09/10/2003
E7 Ned's Scary Night Ned is frightened of the noises the wind makes during the night. 09/09/2003
E6 Alice Can't Remember Alice hopes the Koala Brothers can help her remember something important. 09/08/2003
E5 Josie's Big Jump Josie makes excuses not to go skipping with Mitzi. 09/05/2003
E4 A Letter for George The postman rarely gets a letter. 09/04/2003
E3 The Thirsty Penguin The Koala Brothers meet a little Penguin backpacker in the outback. 09/03/2003
E2 Sea Captain Ned Ned decides he wants to be a sea captain when he finds an old rowboat. 09/02/2003
E1 Archie's New Home 09/01/2003