The Listener - Episode Guide for Season 4

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 Fatal Vision Toby struggles with PTSD after killing a suspect while the IIB attempts to stop an assassination. 08/28/2013
E12 False I.D. The police superintendent interferes with the capture of a murder suspect. 08/21/2013
E11 House of Horrors An actor is murdered while filming an alleged cursed horror movie. 08/14/2013
E10 The Long Con Toby and Michelle team up with a con artist to catch a human trafficker. 08/07/2013
E9 Love's a Bitch The murder of a British spy may be linked to an adulterous dating site. 07/31/2013
E8 The Illustrated Woman Toby believes that corporate espionage and blackmail are behind the killing of a tattooed woman. 07/24/2013
E7 Caged In After witnessing the death of an MMA fighter, Toby investigates two rival leagues. 07/17/2013
E6 Witness for the Prosecution Toby and Michelle investigate a potential conspiracy linked to a mob murder trial. 07/10/2013
E5 Buckle Up Toby goes under cover to find a group of thieves posing as police officers. 06/26/2013
E4 Cold Storage Toby and Michelle search for a killer suspected of taking national defense secrets. 06/19/2013
E3 Early Checkout When Tia's colleague is targeted by a hotel owner, Toby pushes for an investigation. 06/12/2013
E2 The Blue Line Toby and Michelle search for a dangerous gang while feeling the pressure. 06/05/2013
E1 Blast From the Past Toby and Michelle investigate a string of high-tech thefts in Vancouver. 05/29/2013