The Lyon's Den - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 Privileged The law firm's carefully hidden secrets all come to light. 04/01/2005
E12 Beach House Jack Turner's firm defends a young playboy accused in a case of hit-and-run. 03/25/2005
E11 Duty to Save Jack discovers the truth about Zero Tech; Grant defends a woman who was fired from her job. 03/18/2005
E10 Blood Jack Turner faces the grand jury in the Zero Tech case and says he is innocent. 03/11/2005
E9 The Fifth A man and his son meet when the son is accused of planning a terrorist act. 03/04/2005
E8 The Quantum Theory Schizophrenic computer-programmer is being sued by his employer. 02/18/2005
E7 Separation Anxiety 10/28/2004
E6 Ex Defending an FBI agent charged with espionage, Jack faces off against an ex-lover in court. 11/30/2003
E5 Trick or Treat Serial killer taunts Jack on Halloween. 10/26/2003
E4 Hubris Jack represents a friend in a securities fraud case; a detective gives Jack a tip. 10/19/2003
E3 Things She Said A female executive is accused of sexual harassment. 10/12/2003
E2 The Other Side of Caution Jack settles in as managing partner at his former law firm; Riley defends a teenager. 10/05/2003
E1 Pilot Maverick Jack Turner becomes managing partner at a 150-year-old law firm. 09/28/2003