The Next - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E10 Finale 10/04/2012
E9 Finale 10/04/2012
E8 Semi-Finals: Round 2 The six remaining finalists compete. 10/02/2012
E7 Semi-Finals: Round 1 The six local winners perform in Los Angeles. 09/27/2012
E6 Los Angeles The mentors head to Los Angeles to work with their contestants; all four contestants perform. 09/20/2012
E5 Dallas In Dallas, John Rich crashes his contestant's bachelorette party. 09/13/2012
E4 Chicago Gloria Estefan performs at a Chicago Cubs game; four contestants from Chicago perform. 09/06/2012
E3 New York The mentors work with contestants in New York; the contestants perform at the Paramount Theatre. 08/30/2012
E2 Baltimore In Baltimore, Gloria sings in her contestant's church choir; the four contestants perform. 08/23/2012
E1 Orlando The mentors meet contestants in Orlando; a musician learns how to cope with stage fright. 08/16/2012