The N's Student Body - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E8 Laila announces each person's results in front of their friends, family and dates. 08/24/2008
E7 The teams compete for an all-expense-paid shopping spree with a fashion editor. 08/17/2008
E6 Wayne is tempted to confront his family about their eating habits. 08/10/2008
E5 The teams compete against each other in a football game. 08/03/2008
E4 The competitors find it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle when they return home. 07/27/2008
E3 After an intense swimming competition, the team members face and even more difficult challenge. 07/20/2008
E2 A team member calls it quits after a particularly tough workout. 07/13/2008
E1 The MacArthur and Eisenhower teams meet their trainers. 07/11/2008