The Others - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 Mora The deaths of three hospital patients may be linked to European folk creatures. 06/10/2000
E12 Life Is for the Living Elmer mysteriously rises from the dead and warns the Others not to be deceived by a false reality. 05/13/2000
E11 $4.95 a Minute Satori helps a phony psychic whose dire predictions are beginning to come true. 05/06/2000
E10 'Till Then Elmer tries to connect with a doomed World War II pilot to help a downed American flyer. 04/29/2000
E9 The Ones That Lie in Wait An ominous presence seeks to learn what each of the group desires in life. 04/22/2000
E8 Don't Dream It's Over Mark risks his life trying to cross over to a mysterious dream lover. 03/25/2000
E7 Theta A coed's evil visions begin to manifest themselves and to threaten her sorority. 03/18/2000
E6 Luciferous Marian moves to a new apartment where a sinister force hides in the wallpaper. 03/11/2000
E5 1112 The group helps a woman grieving for her dead child and comatose husband. 03/04/2000
E4 Souls on Board Psychic residue from a doomed flight haunts the group while on a plane to Arizona. 02/26/2000
E3 Eyes Invisible demons drive a man to delirium. 02/19/2000
E2 Unnamed The group contends with an unseen evil believed to be responsible for a boy's abduction. 02/12/2000
E1 Pilot A college woman who can see into the past joins a secret society of supernaturalists. 02/05/2000