The Secret World of Alex Mack - Episode Guide for Season 4

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E20 Paradise Regained Danielle confronts Alex; George makes an antidote for GC-161. 01/15/1998
E19 Paradise Lost Danielle gets FDAS approval for GC-161 as a weight-loss drug; the Mack family is captured. 01/13/1998
E18 24 Hours 12/04/1997
E17 Without Feathers Louis is set up with Heather Mercury; Ray grinds pepper. 12/02/1997
E16 Lies and Secrets Hunter misses a date with Alex; Hunter searches for a kid involved with the GC-161 accident. 11/25/1997
E15 Friendly Fire Robyn moves in with Alex; Ray and Louis learn to work together. 11/20/1997
E14 The Return A mysterious boy returns to Paradise Valley; Danielle blackmails a board member. 11/18/1997
E13 Things Change Ray meets a girl; Dave is broke. 11/06/1997
E12 The Band Ray, Louis and Kelly form a band. 11/04/1997
E11 The Doctor Alex has a doctor's appointment; Robyn's hamster dies. 10/28/1997
E10 Senora Garcia Alex thinks she got her Spanish teacher fired. 10/23/1997
E9 Leaving Alex saves a woman's life and raises Danielle's suspicions. 10/21/1997
E8 The Storm Alex and Annie reminisce about sisterhood and superpowers. 10/16/1997
E7 The Switch Alex and Barbara accidentally switch bodies. 10/14/1997
E6 Foot Fault Louis catches Alex's zapper on film; George fears bowling. 10/09/1997
E5 Oscar Alex rescues a chimp; Annie tells George about GC-161. 10/07/1997
E4 Ashley Outrageous Aunt Ashley visits. 10/02/1997
E3 Camping Alex learns she is not suited for camp counseling. 09/30/1997
E2 Green Day Alex's environmental group tangles with Wayne's Wigwam. 09/25/1997
E1 Driving Alex helps Louis; George helps Kramer. 09/23/1997