The Swan - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E9 No Title For this Episode The winning contestants compete in a pageant to see who will be crowned "The Swan." 12/20/2004
E8 Dore & Amy A general contractor, 40, from Las Vegas and a waitress, 27 from Houston transform. 12/13/2004
E7 Sylvia & Marsha An account executive, 27, from Chicago and a student, 22 from South Carolina transform. 12/06/2004
E6 DeLisa & Lorraine An Army reservist from Texas longs for a more feminine image. 11/29/2004
E5 No Title For this Episode A current and a former police officer undergo makeover boot camp. 11/22/2004
E4 Gina B. & Kari Sisters unknowingly compete against each other for a spot in the pageant. 11/15/2004
E3 No Title For this Episode Two women from Washington undergo transformations. 11/08/2004
E2 No Title For this Episode Two more women are transformed; one is sent home. 11/01/2004
E1 No Title For this Episode The new participants are introduced and their transformations begin. 10/25/2004