The Unsellables - Episode Guide for Season 4

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E11 Fixing a Mediterranean Mess Buyers cannot get past bold paint colors, textured walls and unappealing decor. 03/08/2013
E10 Staging a Gothic Cathedral A gothic church-inspired castle needs to be neutralized in order to increase interest. 03/08/2013
E9 Outdated Decor Prevents a Sale Out-dated decor and over-the-top paint colors are unappealing to buyers. 11/27/2012
E8 Revamping Wallpaper Woes to Sell Potential buyers cannot see past a house's dated decor and floral wallpaper. 10/25/2011
E7 Curb Un-Appeal to Sell A family hopes to sell their bungalow in Savannah, Ga. 10/18/2011
E6 Museum Manor to Sell Artists are desperate to sell their Victorian home in Savannah, Ga. 11/27/2012
E5 Unsellable Country Home Buyers are turned off by a country house's cluttered interiors. 10/04/2011
E4 No Title For this Episode A couple is ready to downsize and must update their beach house. 09/27/2011
E3 Floral Decor Undermines Sale A family is eager to move but a floral-themed, elderly decor turns off buyers. 09/20/2011
E2 Unsellable Townhouse Cramps Family A family wants to move out of its cramped townhouse. 09/13/2011
E1 Unsellable Mancave Monstrosity Buyers cannot get past messy and bland interiors. 09/06/2011