The Waltons - Episode Guide for Season 9

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E24 A Walton's Family Reunion "A Walton's Family Reunion" brings together the cast of the beloved series. 10/18/2010
E23 A Walton's Family Reunion "A Walton's Family Reunion" brings together the cast of the beloved series. 10/18/2010
E22 The Revel The residents of Walton's Mountain prepare themselves for a gala. 06/04/1981
E21 The Hostage A backwoodsman kidnaps Elizabeth after Mary Ellen disrupts his plans to marry a 14-year-old girl. 05/28/1981
E20 The Lumberjack A charming new lumberjack captures Erin's attention but alienates her brothers. 05/21/1981
E19 The Heartache Rose's happiness with Stanley is threatened. 05/14/1981
E18 The Indiscretion Ike is served divorce papers and Elizabeth's romance gets too difficult to handle. 05/07/1981
E17 The Threshhold Jim-Bob builds a TV set so the family can see John Boy's experimental television project. 04/02/1981
E16 The Victims Mary Ellen and Erin become involved when a young local woman is brutalized by her husband. 03/19/1981
E15 The Pearls Corabeth tries to stop her estranged sister from taking her dying aunt's coveted pearls. 03/12/1981
E14 The Beginning A new minister comes to the Walton's Mountain church and helps Jason and Toni. 03/05/1981
E13 The Gold Watch Rose's beau from the past returns to Walton's Mountain carrying a strange secret. 02/26/1981
E12 The Hot Rod Jim-Bob and Jody return from the service. 02/19/1981
E11 The Carousel Cindy searches for her birth parents when she finds out that she was adopted. 02/12/1981
E10 The Tempest Mary Ellen finds her husband, Curt, in Florida. 02/05/1981
E9 The Whirlwind Mary Ellen gets the news that Curt is still alive just as she is about to remarry. 01/22/1981
E8 The Move Ben returns home from the service with plans to study engineering. 01/15/1981
E7 The Last Ten Days The Waltons await word of the Japanese surrender. 01/08/1981
E6 The Pursuit An old flame claims to carry Jim-Bob's baby. 01/01/1981
E5 The Premonition Cindy has a series of nightmare premonitions about Ben, who is serving in the Seabees. 12/25/1980
E4 The Triumph Jason and a member of his squad must deal with the question of killing. 12/18/1980
E3 The Pledge Mary Ellen is more determined than ever to become a doctor after losing a favorite patient. 12/04/1980
E2 The Outrage At the White House, John voices an impassioned plea for an accused man's innocence. 11/27/1980
E1 The Outrage John tries to help a man accused of a crime he never committed. 11/27/1980