The Wiggles - Episode Guide for Season 6

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E26 One Finger, One Thumb, Keep Moving 02/10/2009
E25 Vegetable Soup, Yummy Yummy! 02/03/2009
E24 I Spy With My Little Eye 01/26/2009
E23 Big, Bigger and Biggest 01/22/2009
E22 Smell Your Way Through the Day 01/19/2009
E21 Twinkle, Twinkle 01/12/2009
E20 Hello Over There! 01/06/2009
E19 The Biggest Smile of All 12/29/2008
E18 Let's All Shimmie Shake 12/28/2008
E17 Let's Do the Sporting Salsa 12/26/2008
E16 D is for Dorothy 12/25/2008
E15 Constable Anthony 12/23/2008
E14 Let's Get the Rhythm of the Feet 12/22/2008
E13 I Drive the Big Red Car 12/21/2008
E12 Black Velvet Band 12/19/2008
E11 Henry Goes to Gawa 12/18/2008
E10 Three Fine Gentlemen 12/17/2008
E9 Let's Go to the Beach 12/16/2008
E8 It's Rhyme Time! 12/15/2008
E7 There Was a Princess Long Ago 12/14/2008
E6 I Feel Like Dancing 12/13/2008
E5 Anthony the Clown! 12/12/2008
E4 Cool Cat Wiggles 12/11/2008
E3 Pin the Tail With the Captain 12/10/2008
E2 King Anthony 12/09/2008
E1 We're All Getting Strong! 12/08/2008