The Wild, Wild West - Episode Guide for Season 4

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E24 The Night of the Plague Rescuing a governor's daughter from stagecoach robbers exposes West to plague; guest Lana Wood. 04/04/1969
E23 The Night of the Tycoon A plot threatens the directors of a corporation owned by a woman; guest Jo Van Fleet. 03/28/1969
E22 The Night of the Cossacks A Russian prince races a desperate foe to recover a religious icon; guest Nina Foch. 03/21/1969
E21 The Night of the Bleak Island West visits an eerie island to get a diamond for the National Museum; guest Beverly Garland. 03/14/1969
E20 The Night of the Diva A temperamental diva (Patrice Munsel) is kidnapped at a New Orleans performance. 03/07/1969
E19 The Night of the Pistoleros Gordon and West head to a lonely outpost to battle a terrorist gang. 02/21/1969
E18 The Night of the Janus A melody holds the clue West needs to trap a departmental traitor; guest Jack Carter. 02/14/1969
E17 The Night of the Sabatini Death A dying man asks West to preserve a legacy for his young ward. 02/07/1969
E16 The Night of the Winged Terror West's bizarre behavior indicates he is under Raven's control. 01/24/1969
E15 The Night of the Winged Terror The organization Raven, through mind control, forces influential people to commit sabotage. 01/17/1969
E14 The Night of the Spanish Curse Gordon and West pursue a mysterious outlaw band terrorizing New Mexican towns. 01/10/1969
E13 The Night of the Pelican Madman plans to control San Francisco harbor. 01/03/1969
E12 The Night of Miguelito's Revenge Dr. Loveless returns with a scheme to commit wholesale homicide; guest Charles Aidman. 12/13/1968
E11 The Night of the Avaricious Actuary A scientist (Harold Gould) employs a gigantic tuning fork in an extortion scheme. 12/06/1968
E10 The Night of the Camera A meek agent (Pat Paulsen) becomes a big help in dealing with an opium ring. 11/29/1968
E9 The Night of Fire and Brimstone Gordon and West must intercept a fortune raised to revive the Confederacy; guest Dabbs Greer. 11/22/1968
E8 The Night of the Egyptian Queen Gordon and West search for an Egyptian princess's ruby; guest Tom Troupe. 11/15/1968
E7 The Night of the Fugitive A town's residents hunt for Gordon and West in order to free the agents' prisoner. 11/08/1968
E6 The Night of the Kraken Gordon and West seek a sea creature terrorizing Portuguese fishermen; guest Ford Rainey. 11/01/1968
E5 The Night of the Gruesome Games Gordon and West invade an eccentric's (William Schallert) mansion to find a deadly germ culture. 10/25/1968
E4 The Night of the Sedgewick Curse A physician (Jay Robinson) injects a rich family with a drug that causes rapid aging. 10/18/1968
E3 The Night of the Juggernaut A man uses a steam-driven device to drive homesteaders off oil-rich land; guest Floyd Patterson. 10/11/1968
E2 The Night of the Doomsday Formula A former Army general (Kevin McCarthy) tries to steal an explosives formula. 10/04/1968
E1 The Night of the Big Blackmail A foreign diplomat tries to implicate the United States in a conspiracy; guest Harvey Korman. 09/27/1968