Then Came You - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E6 Then Came the Monthiversary Gifts commemorating Billie and Aidan's one-month anniversary cause a train accident. 04/26/2000
E5 Then Came Cousin Aidan Aidan pretends to be Billie's cousin in order to meet a famous author. 04/19/2000
E4 Then Came the Immaculate Deception Cheryl dates a much younger guy who believes they are the same age. 04/12/2000
E3 Then Came a Wedding Aidan works a wedding dinner for one of Billie's friends. 04/05/2000
E2 Then Came Two Birthdays Billie and Aidan's birthdays fall only days apart; Billie searches for the perfect gift. 03/29/2000
E1 Pilot A woman, 34, falls for a room-service waiter, 24. 03/22/2000