Timmy Time - Episode Guide for Season 3

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E28 Timmy's Seaside Rescue 07/13/2012
E26 Timmy's Scrapbook 09/30/2011
E25 Timmy's Castle 09/29/2011
E24 Timmy and the Kite 09/28/2011
E23 Fix It Timmy 09/27/2011
E22 Timmy the Hero 09/26/2011
E21 Timmy's Twin 09/23/2011
E20 Timmy's Bouncy Friend 09/22/2011
E19 Timmy and the Dragon 09/21/2011
E18 Timmy Shapes Up Timmy and Kid are obsessed with triangles. Nothing else will do; everything must be three-sided. 09/20/2011
E17 Timmy on Safari 09/19/2011
E11 Timmy Makes It Shine 04/09/2011
E10 Timmy in Tune 03/25/2011
E9 Boing Boing Timmy 03/24/2011
E8 Ballerina Timmy 03/23/2011
E7 Timmy Finds Aliens 03/22/2011
E6 Baby Time Timmy 03/21/2011
E5 Timmy's Big Search 03/18/2011
E4 Timmy's Cookie 03/17/2011
E3 Doctor Timmy It's dressing up time, and Timmy gets to play doctor but won't take off his costume afterward. 03/16/2011
E2 Beep Beep Timmy Timmy is distraught to find the hooter on his trike is broken, but Osbourne replaces it. 03/15/2011
E1 Timmy Makes Music 03/14/2011