Touching Evil - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 Mercy 06/14/2004
E12 Grief The Organized and Serial Crime Unit investigates a series of murders. 06/07/2004
E11 Entropy Random killings force Creegan to question whether his friend Cyril is capable of murder. 05/24/2004
E10 Boston Creegan returns to his hometown of Boston to pursue a serial killer. 05/17/2004
E9 Attachment A woman trying to reclaim her biological son witnesses a contract killing. 05/10/2004
E8 Love Lies Bleeding A paroled serial killer is the suspect in a woman's murder. 04/30/2004
E7 K Detectives rush to prevent a group of teenage drug addicts from committing homicide. 04/23/2004
E6 Memorial Creegan searches for the killer who is targeting members of an army unit that served in Iraq. 04/16/2004
E5 Slash 30 Creegan uncovers some devastating news about the reporter that Branca is dating. 04/02/2004
E4 Justine Women are found beaten to death outside strip clubs. 03/26/2004
E3 Y Me Creegan battles insomnia while trying to track down a killer who burns his victims. 03/19/2004
E2 Pilot FBI's Organized and Serial Crime Unit. 03/12/2004
E1 Pilot FBI's Organized and Serial Crime Unit. 03/12/2004