Treasure Hunters - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E10 The final three teams compete to solve the final puzzle. 08/21/2006
E9 The remaining three teams compete to find the final artifact that reveals the key to the treasure. 08/14/2006
E8 The remaining teams try to uncover secrets of a war. 08/07/2006
E7 A secret society may have bound the Founding Fathers. 07/31/2006
E6 The Man Behind the Mask Teams travel to Europe to uncover the secret of the man behind the mask. 07/24/2006
E5 Teams at the rear must decide whether to leave a teammate behind to avoid elimination. 07/17/2006
E4 The teams seek messages from the past to lead them along a famous route. 07/10/2006
E3 The eight teams must pair up to find the third of seven historical artifacts. 07/03/2006
E2 The remaining teams must crack the code of famous explorers. 06/26/2006
E1 Ten teams of treasure hunters set off on their quest to find seven historical artifacts. 06/18/2006