Two Guys and a Girl - Episode Guide for Season 4

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E22 The Internet Episode One of the characters may be pregnant. 05/16/2001
E21 Should I Stay or Should I Go? Pete tries to prevent Ashley from moving; Berg is jealous when Irene starts dating. 05/16/2001
E20 The Icewoman Cometh Katie pursues Berg when he breaks up with Irene; a speeding fire truck nearly hits Pete. 05/09/2001
E19 The Love Boat Berg tries to win back Irene; Ashley invites Pete to a mixer. 05/02/2001
E18 Make Mine Tea Berg tries to justify to Irene a secret date with Katie. 03/09/2001
E17 Adventures of Captain Karma Berg tells Irene that he loves her; Pete and Ashley show up alone at the same movie theater. 02/23/2001
E16 A Few Good Firemen Sharon has second thoughts after giving Johnny a gift certificate for his birthday. 02/16/2001
E15 An Eye for a Finger Pete accidentally chops off his finger and Berg rushes him to the hospital. 02/09/2001
E14 The Aftermath Pete's affair with Berg's mom threatens the guys' friendship. 02/02/2001
E13 I've Got a Secret Berg discovers that his mother (Bo Derek) is having a fling with Pete. 01/19/2001
E12 Give Mommy a Kiss Pete secretly has a romantic fling with Berg's mother (Bo Derek). 01/12/2001
E11 Burning Down the House The newlyweds' home burns down. 01/05/2001
E10 Rescue Me A news crew airs footage of Pete and Berg sitting idle while Sharon rescues a choking man. 12/15/2000
E9 Drip Berg and Pete's place floods because of a broken valve in Ashley's apartment. 12/08/2000
E8 My Dinner With Irene Jealous Berg invites himself on a date with Pete and Irene. 11/24/2000
E7 Disco Nights Berg and Pete try to meet new women at a disco club. 11/10/2000
E6 The One Without Dialogue Pete falls for a beauty on a subway. 11/10/2000
E5 A Germ Runs Through It Sharon hires a cute contractor to remodel the house; Marti wants to break up with Pete. 11/03/2000
E4 The Satanic Curses Irene curses Pete, Berg and Sharon for barring her from their Halloween party. 10/27/2000
E3 Fifteen Minutes of Shame Ashley becomes the most hated woman in Boston; Pete jeopardizes his relationship with Marti. 10/20/2000
E2 Meat Berg feels guilty for the way he treats Irene; Sharon and Johnny have a wild night. 10/13/2000
E1 The Bear Pete plans a rendezvous with Marti, but encounters a bear. 10/06/2000