Tyler Perry's For Better or Worse - Episode Guide for Season 3

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E37 The Taming of Todd Marcus thinks it's time for Todd to settle down; he sets Todd up on a blind date. 05/14/2014
E36 The Proposal Joseph wants to propose to Leslie. 05/14/2014
E35 Moving Day Leslie decorates Joseph's house with help from Angela and Jennifer. 05/07/2014
E34 Todd and Jennifer Todd wakes up in Jennifer's bed after drinking the night before. 05/07/2014
E33 How Many Women Angela and Leslie want to know how many past partners Marcus and Joseph have had. 04/30/2014 9:30PM Wed
E32 Joseph Gets Tested Leslie suggests that Joseph get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. 04/30/2014 9:00PM Wed
E31 Being Responsible Jennifer's fearful of getting tested for HIV. 04/23/2014 9:30PM Wed
E30 A Stalker for Hire Jennifer and the guys think Joseph hired Leslie's stalker. 04/23/2014 9:00PM Wed
E29 Reunited Joseph and Leslie work on their relationship. 04/16/2014
E28 Joseph in Shining Armor Joseph takes Leslie to his house until her stalker is caught. 04/09/2014
E27 Stalked Joseph saves Leslie. 04/09/2014
E26 Stalked Joseph worries that Leslie's life is in danger. 12/11/2013
E25 Sleep Talking Marcus is caught talking about another woman in his sleep. 12/11/2013
E24 A Woman Scorned The ladies look back at past relationships. 12/04/2013
E23 The Automatic Teller Machine Keisha and her new friend are caught. 12/04/2013
E22 The Automatic Teller Machine Keisha meets a man named Eric while trapped inside an ATM room. 11/27/2013
E21 The Uknown Caller Leslie is exasperated by an unknown caller. 11/27/2013
E20 Keisha's Up to Something In spite, Keisha tells Joseph that Leslie's marriage is annulled. 11/20/2013
E19 The Exam The guys endure colonoscopies and prostate exams to maintain their healthcare coverage. 11/20/2013
E18 Stay Out of It Marcus tells Angela to stay out of Keisha's business; Angela meets with Keisha anyway. 11/13/2013
E17 You're Under Arrest The guys appear to be missing; Angela, Leslie and Jennifer find them at the police station. 11/13/2013
E16 You're Under Arrest Keisha feigns an attack on herself and has Marcus, Joseph, Richard and Todd incarcerated. 11/06/2013
E15 Move the Money The guys move their accounts to another bank so Keisha won't have access to C-Sports finances. 11/06/2013
E14 Trouble in Paradise Keisha tells Angela that the guys have a bevy of women at C-Sports Now. 10/30/2013
E13 The Beauty Pageant In an effort to help distract Joseph, Todd starts a Miss C-Sports Now pageant. 10/30/2013
E12 Annulled Leslie spots Keisha plotting with a divorce attorney when she officially annuls her marriage. 10/23/2013
E11 Maybe We Made a Mistake When Chris invites Leslie over for dinner to 'talk', Leslie thinks he wants their marriage annulled. 10/23/2013
E10 The Kiss Leslie tells Angela and Jennifer that she kissed Joseph. 10/16/2013
E9 House for Sale Leslie prepares to show a house to a potential client, only to learn the client is Joseph. 10/16/2013
E8 The Stalker Using one of her old calendars, Joseph begins to stalk Leslie. 10/09/2013
E7 Back Down Memory Lane Angela tries to play a memory game with Marcus. 10/09/2013
E6 Joseph Leslie is distressed when she returns from her honeymoon, having called Chris by Joseph's name. 10/02/2013
E5 Leslie Christian Joseph has a meltdown after a phone call from a woman; Chris and Leslie need time apart. 10/02/2013
E4 Can We Talk Joseph returns home during his recovery; Marcus learns that Angela invited Leslie and Chris. 09/25/2013
E3 The Ex Richard apologizes to Marcus over his ordeals with Keisha; Joseph is released from the hospital. 09/25/2013
E2 The Runaway Bride Keisha aggravates the tension between Chris and Leslie; Leslie has conflicted feelings. 09/18/2013
E1 The Runaway Bride Leslie's worry over Joseph's motorcycle accident causes her to call off the wedding. 09/18/2013