Ultimate Engineering - Episode Guide for Season 3

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E6 Angkor Wat The mighty temple of Angkor Wat depicts the five peaks of Mount Meru. 02/10/2009
E5 Hagia Sophia The rebuilding of the great church Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. 02/03/2009
E4 The Alhambra The greatest example of Islamic military architecture. 01/27/2009
E3 Petra Find out how the Nabataean turn engineering on its head and create the Khazneh. 01/20/2009
E2 Machu Picchu The story of the building of the most spectacular, and impossible, monument in the Americas. 01/13/2009
E1 St. Paul's Cathedral Christopher Wren has a dream to create England's first Baroque cathedral. 01/06/2009