Unsealed: Conspiracy Files - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E22 America's Flying Saucer Out-of-this-world technology the U.S. military uses to conquer the globe. 07/29/2013
E21 Global Depopulation Preparing for a cataclysmic event that may spell the end of civilization. 07/22/2013
E20 Secret Government Warehouses Fort Knox; Hangar 18; Camp Hero; a new, high-security national database center. 07/15/2013
E19 Top Ten Secret Societies An elite group of power players may be plotting the fate of the world. 07/08/2013
E18 Secret Alien Attack Earthly governments may be preparing for alien assault upon the planet. 07/01/2013
E17 Nazis Today For decades, there have been rumors that key Nazis escaped the fall of Berlin. 06/24/2013
E16 Time Travel Time travel may be more real than citizens are led to believe. 05/13/2013
E15 America's Alien Wars The U.S. military may be under attack from alien aggressors. 05/06/2013
E14 Fake World Leaders Hitler, Saddam and Osama lived shadowy lives of body doubles, assassination attempts and deceit. 02/11/2013
E13 Remote Viewing Documents may prove that the government has an army of remote viewers watching its citizens. 02/04/2013
E12 Top 10 Conspiracies of All Time Those in power have secrets they do not want average citizens to know. 01/28/2013
E11 Stargate Portals Doorways to wormholes in time; their secret locations around the world; who is trying to open them. 01/21/2013
E10 Rise of the Machines A time may come when humans are no longer at the top of the evolutionary food chain. 11/19/2012
E9 Anti-Christ? Many religions and cultures include the belief that an evil one will usher in the end of days. 11/12/2012
E8 Bigfoot Governments may be keeping information about Bigfoot from the public. 11/05/2012
E7 Cloning Disturbing experiments in animal cloning go on behind closed doors. 10/29/2012
E6 HAARP Governments around the world may be using weather control to incite the next world war. 10/22/2012
E5 Zombies Zombies may be becoming a reality. 10/15/2012
E4 New World Order An elite group of power-brokers may be trying to rule the planet. 10/08/2012
E3 Mind Control Those who wish to control what others think, how they act and what they believe. 10/01/2012
E2 Bio-Hazard Island A secret government facility may have created many of the diseases currently plaguing the world. 09/24/2012
E1 Doomsday There have been doomsday signs and prophecies for centuries, and the world may be nearly over. 09/17/2012