UnStable - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E12 The Drake Alex misbehaves during a riding lesson; Tammy, Allie search for a new barn. 02/11/2010
E11 Bridezilla Tammy's last-minute wedding preparations; Megan and Jamie deal with a horse that has been sold. 02/04/2010
E10 Shotgun Megan angers Allie by teaching a lesson without permission; Tammy has surprising news. 01/28/2010
E9 It's Pat Allie intervenes in Tammy's love life; Megan wants her job back. 01/21/2010
E8 True Colours Tensions run high when Courtney is rude to Jamie and Alex; Megan continues to look for a job. 01/14/2010
E7 Departures and Arrivals Tammy & Allie struggle to keep the barn together without Megan; Courtney moves in. 01/07/2010
E6 Bad Day Tammy and Megan continue to fight as Allie competes poorly. 11/12/2009
E5 Cottage Life Tensions continue to rise despite the girls going to the cottage to try and regroup. 11/12/2009
E4 Birth The birth of a foal does not go as planned. 11/05/2009
E3 Main Event Allie competes against an old rival at an equestrian event. 11/05/2009
E2 The New Girl Tammy, Allie and Megan open a new stallion stable soon realizing how difficult it is. 10/29/2009
E1 Fresh Start Tammy, Allie and Megan open a new stallion stable, but soon realize how difficult it is. 10/29/2009