Valentine - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E8 God Only Knows Grace tries to bring a wedding planner and a rabbi together. 07/19/2009
E7 She's Gone Ray and Ari continue their search for the Adamantine Blade. 07/12/2009
E6 Hound Dog Kate and Danny seek help from Aunt Circe, a witch experienced in the art of metamorphosis. 07/05/2009
E5 Summer Nights Fearing for the safety of the family, Ari begs Danny to find his love gun. 06/28/2009
E4 The Book of Love Grace sends Phoebe to reignite passion between two estranged lovers. 10/26/2008
E3 Act Naturally A movie star literally crashes into the life of Tucker Blumsack. 10/19/2008
E2 Daddy's Home Grace's affair with Ray grinds to a halt when her husband comes back home. 10/12/2008
E1 Valentine The Valentine family, sent from Mount Olympus, uses magic to bring soul mates together. 10/05/2008