Vanishing Son - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 Land of the Free Jian-Wa learns the general is behind an immigrant-smuggling operation. 05/08/1995
E12 Long Ago and Far Away Developers pressure a bistro owner to sell. 05/01/1995
E11 Jersey Girl The mob tries to move in on a rising rock star. 04/24/1995
E10 Win, Place or Dead Stable hand Jian-Wa (Russell Wong) suspects valuable horses are being killed for the insurance. 03/20/1995
E9 Two Guys With Guns Brothers take Jian-Wa on a murderous crime spree. 03/13/1995
E8 Lock and Load, Babe A sadistic couple targets Jian-Wa (Russell Wong) for their game. 03/06/1995
E7 Runaway Hearts A beautiful art collector involves Jian-Wa (Russell Wong) in smuggling. 02/27/1995
E6 Miracle Under 34th Street Wounded by federal agents, Jian-Wa takes refuge with an eccentric artist in his underground home. 02/20/1995
E5 Sweet Sixteen After Jian-Wa thwarts a wedding-reception robbery, the groom hires him to protect his daughter. 02/13/1995
E4 Single Flame Gang war erupts when Jian-Wa's former flame, Lan Chi (Tamlyn Tomita), falls for a Caucasian. 02/06/1995
E3 Birds of Paradise The wife of a Texas ostrich rancher is accused of killing him. 01/30/1995
E2 Holy Ghosts Jian-Wa (Russell Wong) helps a young man learn the truth about his MIA father. 01/23/1995
E1 Dance of the Dust Jian-Wa (Russell Wong) helps a young immigrant unionize garment workers. 01/16/1995