Walker, Texas Ranger - Episode Guide for Season 9

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E24 The Final Show/Down A notorious gang is out for revenge; Alex is on the verge of giving birth; Trivette with old flame. 05/19/2001
E23 The Final Show/Down A powerful gang that Walker once helped to bust seeks its revenge. 05/19/2001
E22 Reel Rangers Alex and Walker prepare the nursery for the arrival of the baby. 05/05/2001
E21 Blood Diamonds Walker must uproot a black-market ring that trades stolen diamonds for weapons. 05/05/2001
E20 Without a Sound The Rangers investigate when Gage's high school girlfriend is killed by carjackers. 04/28/2001
E19 Unsafe Speed Sydney and Gage go under cover as bikers to try and shut down an illegal methamphetamine lab. 04/28/2001
E18 Legends The son of a mob boss goes on a killing rampage after Alex prosecutes his father. 04/21/2001
E17 Medieval Crimes Walker gets called in to break up a sophisticated burglary ring. 04/21/2001
E16 6 Hours A villain plans to execute someone live on the Internet; the rangers must find him first. 04/14/2001
E15 Justice for All A lawyer preparing to file a scathing police brutality lawsuit is found dead. 02/17/2001
E14 Saturday Night Walker intervenes when the Mafia strong-arms a local supper club into laundering money. 02/10/2001
E13 Division Street Walker and a friend help to unite rival gangs on the basketball court. 02/03/2001
E12 Desperate Measures The rangers stop escaped convicts on a bank-robbery spree in Texas. 01/20/2001
E11 Golden Boy Walker helps a young boxer get off the streets and into the ring. 01/13/2001
E10 Faith Walker must track down an ambulance carrying a life-saving organ for a child. 12/16/2000
E9 Child of Hope Alex discovers an abandoned infant, and she and Walker become instant parents. 12/09/2000
E8 Retribution Alex is kidnapped, and Walker must face the chairman to rescue her. 11/25/2000
E7 Turning Point "The Chairman" sees the links in his chain of command break. 11/18/2000
E6 Lazarus Undercover federal agents continue to be assassinated, and Walker must track down the killers. 11/11/2000
E5 The Winds of Change Walker enters unfamiliar territory when a senator calls upon him to catch a computer hacker. 11/04/2000
E4 The Avenging Angel A professional wrestler gets killed in a mysterious accident. 10/28/2000
E3 White Buffalo The officers must bring to justice the manufacturers of white buffalo, a new and lethal drug. 10/21/2000
E2 Deadly Situation A rookie cop taking the fall for corruption holds Alex hostage. 10/14/2000
E1 Home of the Brave The officers investigate the kidnapping of newborn babies from the hospital. 10/07/2000