Watching Ellie - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E6 Feud Ellie decides to compete on "Family Feud" with members of her own ad hoc family. 05/20/2003
E5 Fruit Shots Ellie reluctantly makes a commercial for a fruity alcoholic beverage aimed at teenagers. 05/13/2003
E4 Buskers Ellie runs into a former rival and lies about an upcoming gig. 05/06/2003
E3 Date Ellie is excited about dating a man she met six months earlier. 04/29/2003
E2 TV Ellie must deal with Edgar's jealousy when an ad executive seems to reward her. 04/22/2003
E1 Shrink Ellie becomes paranoid after she learns that the neighbor's niece is visiting. 04/15/2003