Weather Caught on Camera - Episode Guide for Season 4

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E17 Force of Nature 05/23/2014
E16 Wet and Wild 05/16/2014
E15 Extreme Elements 12/06/2013
E14 Come What May Stories of battling the elements and fighting for survival. 11/23/2013
E13 Earth, Wind & Fire! A tornado trounces dozens of 6-ton tractor trailers; a race to save horses from an icy death. 11/17/2013
E12 Waves, Wind & Snow! 11/03/2013
E11 Near Misses 10/27/2013
E10 Riding the Storm Trapped in an avalanche; swept away in a flash flood; riding the waves of a tropical storm. 10/20/2013
E9 Wild, Wild Weather! A microburst goes off like a bomb; a storm chaser is chased by a tornado. 10/13/2013
E8 Close Calls A flash flood sends a family over a waterfall; hot lava flows surround a home. 10/06/2013
E7 Buried Alive An expert skier is buried alive; a mudslide turns a mountain pass into a treacherous mess. 09/29/2013
E6 The Unexpected Professional surfers get crunched by waves; gusts of wind lift a grounded 747. 09/22/2013
E5 Perilous Planet A snowmobiler beats the odds to survive an avalanche; dueling floods take out towns across the US. 09/15/2013
E4 Extreme and Severe A deadly twister batters a school full of children; a massive dust storm engulfs an entire city. 09/08/2013
E3 Shake, Rattle and Roll A family is almost killed by a tornado; a tourist is caught in an earthquake on the top of a Tower. 09/01/2013
E2 Surviving the Storm Eerily beautiful waterspouts, mysterious lightning storms, and an invasion of tumbleweeds. 08/25/2013
E1 From Landslides to Killer Rides A train wrecking landslide; a world record breaking ride on a 78 foot wave. 08/18/2013