Welcome to Sweetie Pie's - Episode Guide for Season 3

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E10 Give & Take Jenae changes the locks on Tim, preventing him from seeing his son; Tyrone prepares for an audition. 09/07/2013
E8 The Future of the Mangrove, Part 1 Robbie focuses on consolidating restaurants and prepares to receive an award; Tim blows off Jenae. 11/10/2012
E7 Just Say `Yes Ma'am' Questions arise about Miss Robbie's health; Tim sends staff to help at Upper Crust. 11/03/2012
E6 Charles in Charge Miss Robbie takes a vacation, leaving Charles in charge of Upper Crust. 10/20/2012
E5 Showing Up Is Hard to Do Jenae prepares for TJ's birthday party; Robbie threatens to send Andre back to Texas. 10/13/2012
E4 Don't Be a Party Pooper The Upper Crust employees are fighting; Tim feels trapped after meeting with Mr. Bussey. 10/06/2012
E3 For Love or Money Miss Robbie hosts the family reunion at Upper Crust; Tim books a huge catering job. 09/29/2012
E2 The Upper Crust vs. the Lower Crust Robbie is ready to open the new restaurant, but Tim competes for customers; the staff takes sides. 09/22/2012
E1 Welcome to the Upper Crust Tim refuses to help Miss Robbie with the soft opening party; Charles wants a bartending position. 09/15/2012