What the Sell?! - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E17 No Title For this Episode 05/24/2011
E16 No Title For this Episode 05/24/2011
E15 No Title For this Episode 05/17/2011
E14 No Title For this Episode 05/17/2011
E13 A Piece of Art! Judy negotiates for some fine art prints; a student is interested in selling a glass head. 05/10/2011
E12 Sale or No Sale? China owned by President John Quincy Adams; an antique jukebox; Judy helps a friend. 05/10/2011
E11 From Cuddling to Kissing A client brings in a Cuddly Dudley doll; Kate teaches a customer about his kilt pin. 05/03/2011
E10 The Mystery Box A seller brings in a "mystery box"; Gloria has a surprise for a seller. 05/03/2011
E9 The Sound of Harp Music Gloria gets a lesson on the antique harp; Madonna's"Sex" book. 05/03/2011
E8 God Save the Queen Kate finds lingerie once owned by Queen Victoria; a skull watch replica. 04/26/2011
E7 Princess in the Windy City Some clients want to decorate with a royal theme, so Judy and Kate visit a Chicago antique showroom. 04/26/2011
E6 Leader of the Pac Kate and Judy clash after Kate buys a vintage Pac Man arcade game. 04/05/2011
E5 Hot Doggin'! A potential seller makes an unusual entrance into the store; a seller makes glass guitars. 04/05/2011
E4 Lets Get Physical A mother and daughter bring in a "fat-jiggling" machine; a father and son duo try selling. 03/29/2011
E3 You Had Me at Dino A young girl thinks her rock is a dinosaur egg; a one-of-a-kind rocking horse. 03/29/2011
E2 Family Treasures A man is looking to sell his parent's vintage coffee table;an out of the ordinary treasure. 11/14/2010
E1 Secret Stash Kate, Judy and Gloria find a tin inside a 1920's flapper purse. 11/14/2010