When Weather Changed History - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E14 Super Outbreak 148 tornadoes during a 24-hour period. 02/25/2009
E13 Greentown The town of Greensburg, Kan., is destroyed by an EF5 tornado in May 2007. 02/22/2009
E12 George Washington's Weather George Washington fought through fog, snow and treacherous weather conditions. 01/25/2009
E11 Deadly Heat A weeklong heat wave kills 739 people in Chicago. 01/18/2009
E10 Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Katrina's effect on Louisiana and Mississippi. 01/11/2009
E9 Nagasaki The weather is a critical factor in determining the success of a new superweapon. 01/04/2009
E8 Drowning the Heartland Controlling the Mississippi River. 12/14/2008
E7 D-Day The weather plays an important role as Allied troops invade Normandy, France, in June 1944. 12/07/2008
E6 The Dust Bowl A severe drought in the 1930s devastates America's heartland. 11/30/2008
E5 Toxic Fog A deadly combination of smoke and fog envelops the town of Donora, Penn., in late October 1948. 11/02/2008
E4 The Hindenburg Disaster The 1937 Hindenburg disaster ended the era of the giant passenger airship. 10/26/2008
E3 Titanic The ocean liner Titanic hits an iceberg and sinks on its maiden voyage in April 1912. 10/19/2008
E2 Great Chicago Fire A small fire grows into a conflagration that destroys a large portion of Chicago in 1871. 10/10/2008
E1 Galveston Hurricane A hurricane devastates the Texas coastal city of Galveston on Sept. 8, 1900. 10/05/2008