Who's the Boss? - Episode Guide for Season 8

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E24 Savor the Veal Tony and Angela realize the difficulties of a long-distance relationship. 04/25/1992
E23 Savor the Veal Tony and Angela realize the difficulties of a long-distance relationship. 04/25/1992
E22 Savor the Veal Tony's out-of-town job offer poses the couple a dilemma. 04/18/1992
E21 Mr. Micelli Builds His Dream House Perfectionist Tony fires everyone and remodels the master bedroom himself. 03/28/1992
E20 Split Decision Angela meets Tony's double at a resort. 03/21/1992
E19 Tony and the Honeymooners Tony can't resist meddling in Sam and Hank's life. 02/29/1992
E18 Better Off Wed Parents try to prevent Sam and Hank's wedding. 02/22/1992
E17 Better Off Wed Tony isn't prepared to meet the parents of Sam's beau. 02/15/1992
E16 Allergic to Love Angela thinks Tony's swollen lips are due to premarital stress. 02/08/1992
E15 Tony Micelli, This Is Your Life Tony dreams of would-be stardom after meeting his baseball successor. 02/01/1992
E14 Who's the Boss? Tony and Angela fight for control of the relationship. 01/25/1992
E13 Mrs. Al Sam poses as a friend's (William Gallo) wife so he can get an apartment. 01/11/1992
E12 Tony, Can You Spare a Dime? Tony and Angela clash over spending. 01/04/1992
E11 This Sold House Tony persuades Angela to sell the house. 12/07/1991
E10 Field of Screams A bad experience with Jonathan stops Tony from getting Sam a job. 11/30/1991
E9 Grandmommie Dearest Mona's mother tries to sabotage Angela's marriage plans. 11/23/1991
E8 Death and Love Tony plots to propose to Angela at a football game. 11/16/1991
E7 Death and Love Tony tries to pop the question during a Vermont ski trip. 11/09/1991
E6 A Well-Kept Housekeeper Tony buys Angela expensive artwork to impress her friends. 11/02/1991
E5 Tony Bags a Big One Tony intervenes when Mona dumps Angela's biggest client (Robert Mandan). 10/26/1991
E4 Selling Sam Short Tony goes overboard to show he approves of Sam dating a Wall Street type. 10/19/1991
E3 Misery Angela feels that Tony smothers her. 10/12/1991
E2 An Affair to Forget Tony and Angela try to keep their romance a secret. 10/05/1991
E1 Seer of Love Tony and Angela declare their mutual love. 09/28/1991