Woodwright's Shop - Episode Guide for Season 33

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 Big Ash Mallet! A joiner's mallet with ash head and hickory handle. 12/14/2013
E12 Dutch Tool Chest With Christopher Schwarz A simple and useful Dutch tool chest with a 30-degree slanted lid. 12/07/2013
E11 Try Square With Christopher Schwarz English try square based on examples in the Benjamin Seaton tool chest. 11/30/2013
E10 Early Iron With Peter Ross Forging iron hinges and locks. 11/23/2013
E9 Paneled Chest With Peter Follansbee Making and fitting beveled panels and storage till into a framed chest. 11/16/2013
E8 Joined Chest With Peter Follansbee Framing a small, mortised and tenoned chest in the Old English style. 11/09/2013
E7 Combination Planes Pitting monster planes against older wooden ones. 11/02/2013
E6 Sharpen That Saw! Sharpening handsaws. 10/26/2013
E5 Swinging Saw Vise Old saw-sharpening vise. 10/19/2013
E4 Carving Away With Mary May Woodcarving lesson. 10/12/2013
E3 The Venerable Bead Cutting bead moldings with hand planes for corners that last longer. 10/05/2013
E2 Rachell's Standing Desk 2 The miter-clamped breadboard end makes a broad desktop that stays flat. 09/28/2013
E1 Rachell's Standing Desk Pine standing desk. 09/21/2013