Yes, Dear - Episode Guide for Season 6

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E15 Should I Bring a Jacket? Greg and Christine realize they can each get what the other wants from their respective spouses. 02/15/2006
E14 The Limo Jimmy and Greg must do some fancy two-stepping when their surprise anniversary plans go wrong. 02/01/2006
E13 The Guinness World Record When his son did not invite Jimmy to Career Day, he worries that he no longer finds his job cool. 01/25/2006
E12 Quitters Never Dance Logan and Jimmy sign up for a dance class, and Christine refuses to let Jimmy quit. 01/18/2006
E11 Christine the Spy Jimmy tries to trick Christine into divulging information about Radford Studio. 01/11/2006
E10 Jimmy Sponsors a Vacation Jimmy plans a weekend getaway using coupons and stand-by travel reservations. 12/14/2005
E9 Marital Aid Another man's rude treatment of his wife makes Kim and Christine appreciate Greg and Jimmy more. 11/23/2005
E8 Jimmy the Teacher Jimmy earns a little extra money by teaching the kids on the block the things their fathers can't. 11/09/2005
E7 Baby, Baby Not Kim and Christine each decide to have another baby, causing Greg and Jimmy to plead for abstinence. 11/02/2005
E6 Jimmy From the Block Jealous of Jimmy's popularity with the neighbors, Kim decides to have a barbecue. 10/19/2005
E5 Barbecue Greg makes friends while overcoming fear of a rough neighborhood. 10/12/2005
E4 On Your Marks, Get Set, Mow When Jimmy is in last place during a lawnmower race, he partners with Greg. 10/05/2005
E3 Dominic's First Date When Dominic follows Jim's secret dating advice, he strikes out with Christine. 09/28/2005
E2 Greg's a Mooch Jimmy and Kim decide it is time for some tough love when Greg declines a job offer. 09/21/2005
E1 The Radford Reshuffle When Mr. Savitsky gets fired, he convinces Greg to leave with him. 05/04/2005