You're Wearing That?!? - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E9 Siobhan & Elise Mother Siobhan and daughter Elise are looking to move forward after a sudden death in the family. 09/30/2010
E8 Bolette & Sarah Sarah hides her feminine side with boyish clothing; her mother is addicted to terry cloth dresses. 09/23/2010
E7 Desiree & Alana Alana wears too many trends at once; mother, Desiree's wardrobe is boring and out of date. 09/16/2010
E6 Janine & Lilly Mother and daughter looking for a new look after moving; Janine is stuck in oversized clothes. 09/09/2010
E5 Annie Duke & Maud Annie Duke wants to update her 80's rocker chick look; Maud needs help developing her own style. 09/02/2010
E4 Jane & Christine Christine wears gym clothes for any occasion while Jane puts little effort into her appearance. 08/26/2010
E3 Charlene Tilton & Cherish Mother Charlene Tilton from hit TV show "Dallas" is stuck in the 80's. 08/26/2010
E2 Lisette & Ashley Style guru, Luciene helps mother and daughter with their fashion choices. 08/19/2010
E1 Christine & Kimberley Locke Daughter Kimberley Locke struggles to express herself through fashion. 08/19/2010