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This talent show puts kids in charge and adults onstage. Armed with what they believe are wacky and hilarious talents, adults have one minute to entertain a panel of four kid judges. If a judge is bored by the routine, he or she can hit the ``zoink'' button after 20 seconds, splattering the performer with goo. If a contestant gets three or more ``zoink'' votes by the end of the minute, he or she is eliminated, but less than three earns the contestant points from the judges. The performer with the most points at the end is awarded $1,000 in cash and the title of ``Zoink Master.''
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Language: English Release Date: 22 March 2012 Genres: Children, Game show

"Poodles; cowboy band; a dad with a Bieber impression; 80's-loving dance diva." Season 2 : Episode 21
"Stomping moms; beat-boxing flautist; levitating magician; pie diver." Season 2 : Episode 22

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